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All Miscellaneous Standardized Tests

ACT Accepted Calculators

A question we get all the time is: "What kind of calculator can I use on the ACT?" If you're not sure whether or not your calculator is permissible, you better check! If you bring the wrong calculator to the exam, you might be kicked out or your score might…
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Testmasters Referral Program

Who doesn’t want more money? Absolutely no one! Testmasters offers a referral program for all students to help our students earn some extra money. The unique student ID each Testmasters student receives becomes a coupon code after the course ends. For each person who uses your coupon code, you receive…
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10 Alternative Colleges for the Non-Traditional Student

If you're dreading the thought of spending the next four years in a traditional four-year college with standard grading systems and coursework, consider taking the alternative route with a very non-standard education. While there are thousands of standard college options to choose from, not every college will meet your needs…
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Standardized Testing Fees: How much do the different tests cost?

Although standardized tests are important for college admissions, they are not cheap. Knowing the costs upfront can help you plan ahead when it comes time for standardized testing season. This article will cover both various College Board exams (The SAT, AP Exams, and SAT Subject Tests) and the ACT. Continue…
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The Top 15 Colleges Ranked (from 5 different sources)

In case you needed yet another set of ranking of the top colleges in the United States, here's something different: The Top 15 Colleges According To 5 Different Sources U.S. News, Niche, Forbes, Business Insider, and StartClass all use different criteria in determining their list of top colleges, but when…
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How To Gently Kick Test Anxiety In The Face

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti If you suddenly become like Eminem and lose yourself before or during a test, rest assured that even the greats suffer from anxious feelings. Not to worry. Nervousness is like a common cold—everyone…
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Accepted Calculators for PSAT, SAT/SAT II, AP Tests

The PSAT, SAT, SAT II, and AP tests are regulated by CollegeBoard and share the same accepted calculators. These include: All four-function calculators (not recommended) All scientific calculators Most graphing calculators (see tables below) Texas Instruments TI-73 TI-86 TI-80 TI-89 TI-81 TI-89 Titanium TI-82 TI-Nspire TI-83/TI-83 Plus TI-Nspire CAS TI-83 Plus…
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ACT: What is Test Information Release?

Have you ever wondered if you could access a copy of the ACT you took on test day and see what questions you got wrong? Well, you can, with one of the ACT's lesser-known services called TIR (Test Information Release). What's TIR? Continue reading “ACT: What is Test Information Release?”…
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2017-2018: When Do SAT Scores Come Out? + SAT New Score Release Policy

The SAT recently made changes to its score release policy that will allow students to receive their scores more quickly. For the 2017-2018 school year, the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections for the October, November, December, March, and May exams will be released about 2 weeks after test…
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2017-2018: When Do ACT Scores Come Out?

If you took the ACT recently, you may be wondering when you will get your scores back. ACT multiple choice scores are usually available within 2 weeks of your test date. Writing scores are typically released 2 weeks after the multiple choice score release date. Score reports are released 2-8…
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Superscores, Subscores, Score Choice, Oh My! Understanding Your SAT Scores Pt. 1

If you recently got your SAT scores back and are looking to send them to colleges, you may have stumbled over some vocabulary like “superscoring,” “subscores,” and “score choice.” Here is an explanation of what these words mean, as well as the ways that they could affect your college admissions…
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Superscores, Subscores, Score Choice, Oh My! Understanding Your SAT Scores Pt. 2

In a previous post, we explained subscores, superscores, and score choice. Now, here a few real-life examples! Let’s say John made a 1320 on his first SAT, with a 620 on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and a 700 on math. He took the SAT again at a later date and…
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Missed the SAT registration deadline? All about Late Registration and Waitlists

If you missed the SAT registration deadline for your preferred test date, it's not the end of the world. Here are the options you can take. Late Registration Late registration is simple: if you missed the regular registration deadline, you may still sign up for your preferred test date as…
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2017-2018 ACT Registration Deadlines (OFFICIAL)

The new school year is around the corner! For many, that means it's time to register (or think about registering) for the ACT test. For your pleasure and convenience, here is a table of all ACT registration deadlines for 2017-2018. Continue reading “2017-2018 ACT Registration Deadlines (OFFICIAL)” »
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