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Multiple Choice Writing Tips—Subject-Verb Agreement

Many people finds that subject-verb agreement errors is easy to spot. They makes our sentences sounds weird. So how can the SAT get away with quizzing you over subject-verb agreement? By distracting you! One of the easiest ways for the … Continue reading

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SAT Vocabulary—Ephemeral

This Week’s Word: Ephemeral /ɪˈfɛm ər əl/    [ih-fem-er-uh l] adj. Ephemeral describes something short-lived or something that lasts for only a day. Synonyms: Fleeting, evanescent, transitory Word History: The term ephemera was adopted into 14th century English from Latin as a medical term, describing … Continue reading

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SAT Math Example Problem: Factoring and Quadratic Equations

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Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Albert Han

Albert Han, a junior at Clements High School, has achieved a perfect score of 2400 on the SAT. Han, who accomplished this remarkable feat on the March 2015 SAT, completed the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparation course in 2013. … Continue reading

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SAT Vocabulary – Indolent

This Week’s Word: Indolent [in–dl-uh nt] adjective Indolent means having or showing a disposition to avoid exertion; to be lazy. In medicine, indolent refers to something that causes little or no pain, or is relatively benign. Synonyms: Languid, Slothful, and Lethargic. … Continue reading

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Building a Resume over the Summer, Part 1: Jobs!

Summer is just around the corner, and, if you don’t already have a summer packed with camps, volunteering, and summer school—or even if you do—it’s time to think about getting a summer job. Yes, as you make the transition into … Continue reading

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