5 Goals for the New Semester

With a new school year fast approaching, we put together a list of 5 goals students, both high school and college alike, should aim to achieve this year:

  1. Get to know one teacher or professor really well: When it comes down to getting letters of recommendation, which are extremely important for both college applications, graduate school applications, and job applications, you do not want to have to scramble to think of which teacher to ask. By getting to know at least one teacher really well, you can keep your options open while also developing as an individual! Participate in class, crush your exams, and attend office hours whenever possible. You’ll likely develop a natural relationship with that professor. Don’t necessarily suck up or be fake– just try and do well in the class and show some enthusiasm and interest in the course!
  2. Explore and find an extracurricular you're truly passionate about!
    Explore and find an extracurricular you’re truly passionate about!

    Find an extracurricular you are really passionate about: If you haven’t already found your niche, go out and explore the options available to you! Many organizations hold Club Fairs and interest meetings at the beginning of the year, so take advantage of that and try and find something you really enjoy! Besides becoming a more well-rounded person, your application will really shine if you have something you can speak passionately about.

  3. Keep your grades going strong: The bottom line is GPA is king, so above all else make sure your academic performance is strong. No amount of extracurricular can make up for a bad GPA, so your #1 focus should always be to do as well as possible in your classes.
  4. Spend time developing a hobby: You don’t have to find something unique, but make sure you find a hobby that you can fall back on during times of stress. Whether it’s cooking, League, biking, reading, or drawing, – whatever makes you happy! – make sure you have something that you love to do that can help you relieve stress. If you can find a club or extracurricular that mirrors this, then great! But not everything has to have a resume-line. Do things that benefit you as a person!
  5. School is all about bettering yourself! Take every advantage of that!
    School is all about bettering yourself! Take every advantage of that!

    Explore the classes that interest you: Take a wide variety of courses, if possible, but if not, try and find something that you can really latch onto and capital-L Learn. Too often school is viewed as just another box to check off on an application, another thing to do because we’re expected to. While you won’t like every class you take, make sure you take something away from at least one class. There’s nothing worse than a senior who can’t name a thing they did in the last four years.

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