5 Tricks for Acing Your Final Exams

We are getting close to the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Yes, that’s right, final exam season. Ease the stress with our five study tricks so you can ace those dreadful final exams.

1. Come Fully Prepared for Your Exam

Get a good night’s sleep the night before, eat a hearty breakfast that morning, and pack yourself a nice lunch with extra snacks for during the exam. And don’t show up without your test-taking materials! Be sure to have plenty of sharp pencils, erasers, a watch that doesn’t beep, and a calculator with working batteries! Having everything that you might possibly need for test-taking will ease your anxiety and boost your confidence.

2. Make a Study Schedule

Making a study schedule helps you to not only create a study plan, but it forces you to stick to that plan. Based on your exam schedules, figure out how much reasonable time you need to study for each class. Devise a plan of action NOW so you can maximize your study time for each of your classes. Effective organization will keep you away from “panic mode” as final exam time gets closer.

3. Study Your Worst Subject First & Your Best Subject Last

It’s just like going into the doctor’s office for a shot. Would you rather be nervous throughout the entire check-up as you dread the horrific moment, or would you rather just get it over with and be happy that it’s gone out of your life? Don’t drain yourself of all your energy by studying the subjects that you’re already good at. You will not learn a thing if you try to study your most difficult subjects when you’re already tired, cranky, and not at all interested.

4. Pace Yourself Wisely During Test Taking

The key is to keep yourself moving throughout the exam. Never let yourself get bogged down on one single question. Not only will it slow your momentum, but it will destroy your confidence. You cannot let this happen! If this happens, simply skip the question and save it for later. Your exam questions may fluctuate in point value, so always start with the questions that are worth the most and so on. You want to rack up as many points as possible in as fast of time as possible.

5. Read the Directions Carefully

This seems obvious, but you would be surprised as to how many students carelessly go through their exams without accurately answering what the question is asking. It always helps to underline certain key words or phrases that will help lead you to the correct answer. You must know exactly what the question is asking in order to answer it effectively.

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It’s stressful, we get it. But if you can breeze through this, we promise that you will have a much more enjoyable summer.

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