5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

Summer TimeSchool is finally out for summer! Congratulations, you’re free!

Now what?

Just because there isn’t anything you have to do now doesn’t mean you should spend your whole summer on the couch eating potato chips and watching reruns while obsessively checking facebook. Summer is in fact a golden opportunity for padding your resume and getting ahead of the competition when it comes time to apply to college (I know you didn’t want to hear that, but it’s true). Summer activities aren’t just about looking good on your college applications, though – they should be fun, too! These 5 summer activity ideas are all great ways to hang out with friends, make new friends, and improve yourself or your community. Besides, if you didn’t do anything you’d be bored out of your mind by Independence Day, anyway.

Sure, you’ll get made fun of for the rest of your life, but think of the memories!

Extra Curricular Camp

Now that you don’t have to go to school or do homework, you finally have time to write that book you’ve been thinking about. Summer is a great time to pursue your favorite extracurricular activities, whether they involve sports, art, music, robotics, dance, scouting, or even writing your first novel (okay, maybe we’ll start with a novella). No matter what your passion is, chances are there are organizations in your area that offer summer programs where you can do what you love with other kids your age. Enrolling in programs like these can be lots of fun and they look great on your college applications. Plus, you get better at something you love. Altogether, this is a win-win.

“I always have depended on the kindness of strangers.”


Another popular summer activity is volunteering. In just about every community there are people who need help, and donating your time to a worthy cause is one of the best ways to spend your summer. Whether you’re helping out at a homeless shelter, cleaning up a park, teaching seniors how to use Google, or volunteering with the SPCA, you can know that you’re using your summer to make the world a better place. You can find opportunities to volunteer at local charities, museums, animal shelters, retirement homes, zoos, libraries, or religious organizations. These activities can teach you a lot about the world you live in and are also very impressive on college applications. Nothing, however, can equal the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that you’ve helped improve people’s lives.



Like your parents keep telling you – it’s time to get a job! Work experience looks great on a college resume, especially if it has something to do with one of your prospective majors. For instance, if you are thinking of being a pre-med (*shudder*), then you might want to try to get a job as a tech in a research lab (your pipetting technique will improve tremendously!). Even if you’re life guarding, bagging groceries, or handing out free samples at the local mall, any work experience is valuable, and plus, you’ll make some actual money, which you could start saving in order to help pay for college. Or you could just blow it on bling to show off to your jobless friends.

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Summer classes: where fun goes to die.

Summer Classes

Maybe you like school. Maybe you’re sad that summer is here. Maybe you hate freedom and fun of all kinds. Well then, do we have a summer activity for you! But, in all seriousness, summer can be a good time to get required classes like Health, Speech, or Microsoft Office 101 out of the way by taking them by correspondence. If you’re an over-achiever type (and if you’ve made it this far you probably are), then chances are you could probably finish a class like Health by correspondence in about a week. Considering that it would have taken up a whole semester at school, this is actually a pretty good deal, since you can free up space in your school schedule for electives you actually want to take (or an off period). If your school rewards you for taking AP/IB/Honors classes when calculating your GPA, freeing up space in your schedule for more of those classes can also make a significant difference in your class rank.


By far the best way to spend your summer is to take PSAT/SAT/ACT prep classes! Especially with Test Masters. If you want to get into your dream school, you’re going to need great test scores, and Test Masters’ 300 point SAT score improvement guarantee just might get you there. Additionally, Test Masters classes are fun, because we hire smart, funny teachers (including one who actually went to clown school) who give out candy and pizza during class! It’s even more fun if you sign up with friends, and if you get enough of them to do it with you you could qualify for group discounts. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Whatever you choose to do with your summer, just make sure you do something. Think of all the great memories you’ll have and stories you’ll be able to tell when you go back to school and people ask you what you did over the summer. You have to admit, anything beats potato chip induced existential ennui. Have a great summer!

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