Amy Ma Earns Perfect Score on the SAT

Amy Ma, a junior at Clements High School, has become the latest in a long line of Test Masters students to receive a Perfect Score of 2400 on the SAT. Ma, who received her Perfect SAT Score on the December 2014 SAT, completed the Test Masters SAT Classroom Course in the summer of 2012. Her preparation strategy included spending the past year preparing for the SAT by taking multiple practice tests through Test Masters’ Exam Club.

“My favorite part [of Test Masters] is Exam Club,” says Ma. Like many other perfect score students, Ma found Test Masters’ Exam Club an excellent resource to continue improving her test-taking strategies even after completing her course. Exam Club is a service offered to every Test Masters student, which allows students access to a bank of SATs, PSATs, ACTs, AP exams, and SAT subject tests during prescheduled sessions. Ma appreciated being able to familiarize herself with these tests on her own terms “in an environment where preparing for the SAT was the only objective, so [she] was able to focus better and work just on SAT skills.”

Ma says, “Test Masters was very helpful and as fun as a test-preparation class can possibly be.” Ma’s advice for students who are preparing for the SAT is to “Attend Test Masters. Then practice. Make sure you get something out of every practice test or section. For me that meant compiling vocabulary and notes for things I missed after every Exam Club session or test I did on my own.”

Ma moved to Houston from Beijing when she was four years old and is fluent in Chinese. Ma is a well-rounded high school student; she not only volunteers for the Red Cross as a member of the Houston Chapter’s Youth Service Council but also participates in Science Olympiad, Science National Honor Society, and Speech and Debate at Clements. Looking ahead, Ma would enjoy a career that combines her passion for volunteering and her interest in medicine. “I just want to have no regrets for my career,” she explains, “I hope that I also get a chance to work in a non-profit organization such as Red Cross or continue volunteering.” So far, her career focus is on either business or medicine, and she is especially interested in studying alternative medicine in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Aside from studying and volunteering, she spends the rest of her free time writing short stories, swimming, and listening to music.

In recognition of Ma’s astounding achievement, Test Masters will award her a $1,000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship.

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