A Hidden Secret: The Class Profile

Some of the most revealing information about the college you’re interested in is tucked away on their website. It’s a secret that few people know and one that’s extremely useful for your college search process.

It’s called a Class Profile, among other names. It’s also known as a Postgraduate Report or an Exit Survey.

A lot of colleges make these survey-based gold mines of information about their students, usually about the graduating class. Inside these class profiles, you’ll find everything about everything, from starting salaries and graduate school matriculation rates to political views and demographic breakdowns.

You might have to do some digging to find these profiles, or reports, but if you manage to find them, you’ll be treated to a wealth of information to help you on your college search.

Every college chooses to share information separately, so some may publicize more information than others.

Harvard, for example, publishes almost everything (aggregate data, of course) about their students, including political affiliation, sexual experience, and income bracket.

Why Do I Need This?

Well, it’s extremely useful information. Here are some examples:

If you wanted to attend law school, you could find the percentage of students matriculating to law school, or the names of the schools that they attend.

If you wanted to choose a school with a good relationship with big-name employers, you could check which companies hired the most graduates from the college of your choice.

If you wanted to find a college with a good starting income after graduating, you could check the breakdown of starting salaries in the Class Profile.

Some Example Class Profiles

Here’s some class profiles from various colleges to help kickstart your search:

While they may be somewhat difficult to dig up, these reports are definitely worth the search.

The information found in these profiles, reports, and surveys, coupled with the Common Data Set, will help you immensely in your college search.

Now go, and find the college that fits you best!

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