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College Compass is a blog sponsored by the test prep experts at Testmasters that aims to provide useful information and tips about the entire process of college admissions. The articles are for high school students as well as parents to provide direction on what is needed for being accepted to college. We provide tips on topics like admissions tests, scholarships, colleges, and the application process. We hope you find the blog useful!

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Featured Writers

Bill – Bill graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in philosophy. Bill enjoys reading, writing, ruminating, and sharing sagacious college admission advice with College Compass readers. If you have any questions for Bill, be sure to Ask Test Masters!

James – James recently graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a B.F.A. in Musical Theater with an Honors Program concentration. A former Test Masters student, James now teaches the same test-tackling strategies that helped him achieve a 2280 on the SAT in 2009 (and, by extension, earn a Presidential Scholarship at a prestigious private university). Having been on over twenty college campus tours, he understands how baffling the college admissions process can be and is eager to help students find the colleges that are the right fit for them.

Michael – Michael recently graduated from Rice University with a B.A. in Chemistry. As a Test Masters instructor he now imparts the same strategies that helped him get a 2330 on the SAT, and enjoys doling out unsolicited advice regarding college admissions to pretty much anyone who will listen.


This blog is written by the college specialists at Test Masters. Test Masters Educational Services was founded in Houston, Texas in 1991; today, the company is one of the largest and fastest-growing educational companies in the United States. Test Masters offers classroom courses, 1-on-1 courses, online courses, custom courses, tutoring and books for various standardized exams including the HSPT, ISEE Upper, Mid, and Lower Levels, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT & PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, and the EIT/FE & PE Professional Engineering Exams in many states around the country. Since its inception, over 120,000 students have taken courses from Test Masters. The Test Masters official website is located at http://www.testmasters.com.

With it’s engaging, dynamic teachers, high scores guaranteed, latest course material, and unique test-taking strategies, Test Masters can help you achieve your admissions test goals!


  1. Was wondering if I need to be worrying about this yet… my daughter is in 6th grade. Any key items I should be on the look-out for in Jr. High? (hoping not)

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