ACT: What is Test Information Release?

Have you ever wondered if you could access a copy of the ACT you took on test day and see what questions you got wrong? Well, you can, with one of the ACT’s lesser-known services called TIR (Test Information Release).

What’s TIR?

Test Information Release is an ACT service that sends you a copy of the ACT you took as well as your answers and an answer key.

What does the TIR include?

  • A copy of the test you took on test day
  • a list of your answers
  • an answer key
  • a copy of the writing prompt
  • writing prompt scoring guidelines
  • scores assigned to your essay

Is TIR available for every test?

No. TIR is only available on three national test dates per year—December, April, and June, and only if you test at a national test center.

How do I order TIR?

You may order TIR when you register for the ACT. In addition, you can order TIR for 3 months after you test through mail with the ACT TIR order form, found online on the ACT’s website.

How much does TIR cost?


Read more about this service on the official ACT website.

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