Advice for the Juniors

Welcome to the upper class. You’ve moved up in status, congratulations! With that said, you now have more responsibilities. Can you handle it? Of course you can. Follow these tips and you will be smoothly sailin’ into your senior year.

Get Ready For College. It’s Time!

Make a list of colleges that you want to apply to. Meet with your counselor to talk about which schools you have the best chances of getting into. And don’t be conservative either. Come up with about 10-15 different schools that match your interests. Find the schools that will help you reach your long term goals.

For example, if you are interested pursuing medicine, you might want to look at colleges with prominent medical programs. It might be a good idea to find a small school with lesser distractions so you can easily get that 4.0 and apply to any medical school you want.

On the other hand, if you are somewhat indecisive, looking to do some soul searching, and looking to try out all kinds of different things, you may want to look at a bigger school that has a wider variety of areas for you to explore. Either way, the clock is ticking, and the time to make those important decisions is now.


This year is the most important year for grades. It’s time to shine for those schools that you are trying to get into. If you ran into some trouble in the 9th or 10th grade, a strong improvement this year will only show that you are on the right track and moving in a positive direction. On the other hand, a drop in your grades this year will only be a move in the wrong direction, raising red flags for college admissions.

Buckle Down for Standardized Tests!

Prepare for the SAT and/or the ACT and take them during the spring semester. If you do not get the score that you desire, at least you will still have the summer ahead of you to better prepare and improve.

Take the AP exams if you can. These will be a huge plus on your college application. Getting a 4 or a 5 on an AP exam not only shows you are clearly ready for college, but it will also give you college credit.

Another exam that is encouraged will be the SAT II. Sure, you can wait till senior year to take it, but if you are currently taking Chemistry, it may be better to take the SAT II for it now while the information is still fresh in your mind.

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Summer Time Will Not Be Lazy Time!

Take advantage of the summer vacation and make sure you have a gameplan. Be smart with your free time. Visit schools, schedule interviews, and take care of business. If you did not get the score that you would have liked to get on a standardized test, the summer will be your time to hit the books and improve. Work hard this summer and you will be so much happier next summer when you’re already accepted into the college of your dreams.

That’s it Juniors, now get to work so you can get into your dream school, and get that dream job. Remember, before we all get there, we have to put in our work and pay our dues. You’re not the only one.


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