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The Great Global Conversation and You

While the SAT is primarily used for admission into American institutions, the test is administered internationally. Therefore, one of the aims of redesigning the SAT was to make it more accessible for test takers regardless of their respective backgrounds. And … Continue reading

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The March SAT Will Include an Experimental Section!

A little discussed detail about the upcoming new SAT exam is that it will include an experimental section. This information has been hiding on the College Board’s website in the Advising and Admissions Handbook, which states:

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SAT Vocab—Altruistic

This Week’s Word: Altruistic adj. [al-troo-is-tik]   /ˌæl truˈɪs tɪk/ Altruistic can either describe someone who is unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others or a behavior that exhibits this quality. The noun form, altruism, is also an SAT favorite. Synonyms: Selfless/selflessness, charitable Antonyms: egotistic/egoism, self-centered Origin: While … Continue reading

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Texas Schools’ Application Deadlines

Don’t forget, college application deadlines are right around the corner! You’ve worked so hard to study for exams, write a killer college essay (or essays), and fill out tedious forms that it would be a shame to miss the deadline … Continue reading

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SAT Vocab—Puerile

This week’s word: Puerile /ˈpyʊər aɪl/ [pyoo r-ahyl] Puerile describes something childish or relating to childhood. Synonyms: Infantile, juvenile Word Origin: Puerile was adopted from the French puéril, “like a boy,” in the late 16th century. It comes from the Latin puer, which means “boy.” Overtime, … Continue reading

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Multiple Choice Writing Tips–Avoid Passive Voice

Perhaps you’re familiar with this scenario: finally, after you’d forgotten you’d even turned it in, your teacher passes back the paper you slaved over (maybe for weeks, maybe until 4:57 the night before), and there, at the top of the … Continue reading

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I missed the PSAT! Am I doomed?

To those of you who are at home fighting illness and frantically combing the internet to find out if you’ll ever be a National Merit Scholar, TAKE A DEEP BREATH! You can makeup the exam! Yes, if you had to miss today’s … Continue reading

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Multiple Choice Writing Tips—Subject-Verb Agreement

Many people finds that subject-verb agreement errors is easy to spot. They makes our sentences sounds weird. So how can the SAT get away with quizzing you over subject-verb agreement? By distracting you! One of the easiest ways for the … Continue reading

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SAT Vocabulary—Ephemeral

This Week’s Word: Ephemeral /ɪˈfɛm ər əl/    [ih-fem-er-uh l] adj. Ephemeral describes something short-lived or something that lasts for only a day. Synonyms: Fleeting, evanescent, transitory Word History: The term ephemera was adopted into 14th century English from Latin as a medical term, describing … Continue reading

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Building a Resume over the Summer, Part 1: Jobs!

Summer is just around the corner, and, if you don’t already have a summer packed with camps, volunteering, and summer school—or even if you do—it’s time to think about getting a summer job. Yes, as you make the transition into … Continue reading

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