Avoid Senioritis and Stay Accepted in Your Last Month of High School

Congratulations Seniors! You are just one month away from the beginning of a new life. By now most of you have been accepted to college.  Now, it’s just smooth sailing from here on out, right?  It can be. But DO NOT mess up such great opportunities that are coming your way! Here are some ways in which you can stay focused and stay accepted.

Organize Your Time Effiectively

If you were one of those students who flew through high school without having to write out your daily events, well way to go. You survived. But now it is time to practice organization. Not just for college, but for the rest of your life! Aside from organizing your upcoming graduation parties and other social events, find a day planner that you will use in order to stay on track. Plus, when you organize your time wisely, you will end up with more free time than you normally would if you weren’t organized. What you do with that free time, for now, is up to you. You’ve earned it.

Continue to Challenge Yourself Academically

Sure, there is just one month left of your entire high school career. Although you may want to just flip the “Off” switch and go into an early summer hibernation, why not do the opposite and go out with a bang? This is your last semester of high school, make it a good one. Aim for all A’s on your final exams just to see if you can do it. Besides, college is not going to be this easy. So you really don’t want to develop any bad, lazy habits that might be carried over to college. Think about it this way, the college football players who are getting ready for the NFL draft aren’t slacking off. In fact, they’re working 10 times harder because that’s what it takes to compete at the next level. The same rules apply to you too.

Get Extra Volunteer and/or Work Experience

So you’re bored with just one month to go and you don’t know how to effectively spend the last of your time. Go out and get some extra volunteer experience. And don’t do it because it “looks good for college.” Remember, you’ve already been accepted. Now it’s time to do things simply because you enjoy it. Maybe you’re an animal lover? Volunteer at an animal clinic with your friends and have a fun time with it. Now is a good time to find a job for the summer. Companies are doing their hiring now for the summer time. It’s always nice to have a little extra spending money before you enter those dreadful “broke” stages of college. Hope you like Ramen Noodles!

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Find Future Fellow College Students

A great way to stay excited and motivated about school is to form a group with fellow students that will be going to the same college as you. This will be a great way to start making friends that you just might hold on to for the next four years. It is always nice to have someone you know in an environment that you are unfamiliar with. Not only that, but you all can help each other figure out how to fully prepare for this new and exciting journey. You can all watch each others’ backs to make sure no one walks in on the first day unprepared.

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