Carnegie Mellon University

Hello World! It’s time for CMU’s moment in the Campus Profile sun…or should we say, C0Lle9E c0mP455 k4mpuZ Pr0F1Le?… excuse the mild Computer Science humor, but Carnegie Mellon is one of the premier institutions in the field – read on to learn more!

NAME: Carnegie Mellon University.

SCHOOLS: College of Fine Arts, College of Humanities, College of Social Sciences, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Institute of Technology, and School of Computer Science.

MEDIAN SAT SCORE: 1930-2230.


CAMPUS: 143 acres.

NUMBER OF FRIENDS YOU CAN MAKE: 6,023 undergraduates.

WHERE YOU WILL LIVE: Carnegie Mellon’s main campus is located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s a great town. Pittsburgh is a sports town. And a cultural town. And a zoo town. Carnegie Mellon students can often be found attending a Pirates game, visiting the Andy Warhol Museum, hiking through Frick Park and riding the incline up Mount Washington to enjoy one of the best city views in the nation.

COST: $41,940.

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