Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Kevin Chen

 Kevin F. Chen, a junior at William P. Clements High School of the Fort Bend Independent School District, has achieved test taking perfection, capturing a perfect 2400 on the March 2014 SAT Reasoning Test. Chen, whose score places him in the top 1% of all SAT test takers, is the latest in a long line of Test Masters course graduates to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT. Chen, who did not take any other preparation courses, says “I don’t think I could have gotten a perfect score without Test Masters.”

When asked about his experience as a Test Masters student, Chen says he was impressed with the quality of the instruction he received. “The teachers at Test Masters are first-rate. They kept the class entertaining, told stories about their experiences with questions and the test, and managed to communicate information in a way that made it easy to remember and use.”

Specifically, Chen says the best thing about being a Test Masters student was Test Masters’ detailed Essay Writing Strategy and the access he received to practice exams via Test Masters’ Exam Club. “Test Masters’ provided a way to systematically improve my writing abilities, which was especially helpful for the SAT. Another one of the best things about Test Masters is their Exam Club, which basically gives students unlimited access to practice tests, as well as a good study and practice environment.”

Q: How did you prepare for the SAT exam?

A: At first I was reviewing vocabulary and taking practice tests on my own, but then I started receiving letters from Test Masters in the mail. I decided I wanted that extra help to try and make a great score, so in fall of 2013, I started my Test Masters score. That really helped me get to a 2400. I don’t think I could have gotten there without the Test Masters class.

Q: What did you enjoy most about Test Masters?

A: I very much enjoyed the Test Masters Exam Club system because it provided a really good opportunity to practice what I was taught in the classes.

Q: What advice do you have for students preparing for the SAT?

A: Well definitely you should take the Test Masters SAT course, and you should also take advantage of their Exam Club system. Test Masters’ SAT class really helps out if you’re a good student or if you’re not really a good student because they teach you the material, and they also teach you the methods behind the test.

Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen, a Test Masters Full Length SAT Course alum and rising senior at St. John’s School, has recently come forward as a Perfect SAT Score student. Chen, who captured her perfect score on the November 2013 SAT, joins the top 1% of SAT test takers. Chen’s perfect score places her among the ranks of the most elite test takers in the world and secures her a spot among a rapidly expanding number of Test Masters SAT course alum to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.

On the experience she had with Test Masters, Chen says “Test Masters was extremely helpful in my attaining a perfect score. I used what I learned from the course as well as all the hours of practice tests I took with Test Masters to get my score.” Chen’s path to test taking excellence follows what has become an increasingly standardized and popular formula with Test Masters students.

Exam Club is a free service included with every Test Masters student’s full length course registration. After students complete their course, they are encouraged to return to Test Masters to take additional practice exams; in fact, every classroom course student receives unlimited access to Exam Club for six months following the end of their course. This allows high achieving students like Chen to perfect the test taking strategies they have learned in class while also preparing for the classroom conditions they can expect on test day.

This preparation methodology aligns closely to the advice Chen has for future students preparing to take the SAT. Chen says “Use Test Masters and takes tons of practice tests!!”

Q: How did you prepare for the SAT exam?

A: I took the Test Masters SAT course the December of my sophomore year to prepare for the PSAT and the SAT the next year. Besides the Test Masters course, I also did Exam Club, but those were the only things I did to prepare for the SAT.

Q: What did you like about Test Masters?

A: I liked pretty much everything about Test Masters. The teachers were really funny and pretty cool. I also liked how they bribed us with pizza and candy, especially during exams when were were stressed out. It would help calm us down a lot.

Q: What did you like about Test Master’s prep materials?

A: Test Masters provided us with a lot of material to practice with. I really liked the material for Reading Comprehension. They gave us a lot of different strategies we could use. Then for Essay Writing, they gave us a nice step-by-step guide for writing the essays, which I thought was incredibly useful.

Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Krithika Kuppusamy

Krithika Kuppusamy, a member of the graduating class of 2015 at James E. Taylor High School and Test Masters SAT course graduate, has achieved a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Kuppusamy’s accomplishment places her in the top 1% of all students to take the SAT and confirms her place among the most elite test takers in the world.

Regarding her Perfect SAT Score and the role Test Masters played in helping her achieve it, Kuppusamy says, “I honestly doubt I could have gotten a perfect score without Test Masters. Taking all those practice tests really truly helped. I identified my pattern of thinking when it came to SAT questions and I figured out ways to avoid jumping to the wrong conclusions.”

“The teachers were really informative. They could be funny at times, but when it got down to business, they made sure that everyone understood the information. The study materials, especially the vocab list and the [Test Masters SAT Course Manual] really helped because they kind of summarized what we learned in class. All the main points were bulleted and jumped out of the page, so if you need to skim it the night before taking the test or something, it wouldn’t take long to cover all the important information.” Kuppusamy’s academic and personal achievements extend well beyond the realm of test taking. In addition to being a musician and dancer, Kuppusamy is also involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society (Secretary), National Honor Society, Key Club, and Debate.

Kuppusamy’s strong academic background, Perfect SAT Score, and involvement in school activities should serve her well as she prepares for college, particularly as she has targeted some very competitive universities as potential landing spots for her undergraduate education. “I’d like to attend a top-tier university, possibly Ivy League schools or similarly competitive colleges. Of course, I’m glad I’m in Texas because I always have UT and it’s a wonderful college!” Kuppusamy plans on pursuing a career in either medicine or business, but remains undecided on this front.

Q: How did you prepare for the SAT?

A: My friends and my parents’ friends’ kids had taken Test Masters before, so during sophomore year, I decided to take [the Test Masters SAT Classroom Course]. Then during junior year, I decided to finally attend Exam Club sessions, and it was actually Exam Club that helped me a lot

Q: How did Exam Club help prepare you for the SAT?

A: [Exam Club] helped focus my pattern of thinking, and I realized what things I needed to focus on and how I needed to think when certain things came up.

Q: What advice do you have for future students preparing for the SAT?

A: Honestly, just start early. The SAT was one of only the things I didn’t procrastinate on because the SAT is something you can’t procrastinate on because you can’t decide a month before the test what the SAT is really about. You have to know what’s on there, and you have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Perfect ACT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Mahika Bhalla

High School Junior Mahika Bhalla achieved the ultimate goal for anyone taking the ACT college entrance exam: a perfect score of 36. Bhalla, a student of BASIS Phoenix Charter School, became one of the few elite students across the nation to accomplish this impressive feat and can now claim that she truly attained perfection – on the ACT, that is.

Bhalla’s advice for anyone taking the ACT in the future is to avoid careless errors. “If you have time left after you finish a section, go back and check your answers,” says Bhalla. “It’s tempting to tell yourself ‘I think that went well’ and rest for the next section, but you might miss simple, easily corrected mistakes if you do so.”

Bhalla credits the Test Masters ACT online course for her success on the exam. “I thought the teachers were engaging and straight-to-the-point. They are very familiar with the test format and taught me exactly how to attack certain types of questions, which helped me save time on the test.”

She also notes that while simply taking practice exams is helpful for improvement, her online course instructors taught her how to significantly increase her ACT score. “They’re full of helpful tricks and tips to approaching the test. I found that most of my questions were answered even before I asked them.”

Q: How did you prepare for the ACT?

A: I took Test Masters’ Online ACT Course. Test Masters gives you a book to fill in with useful notes from the instructors like the diagonal of a cube, which would otherwise take you a while to figure out when taking the actual test.

Q: What advice do you have for students preparing for the ACT?

A: I think the most important thing during practice tests and the actual tests is to maintain your focus, so don’t slow your pace. Don’t lose concentration. Leave plenty of time to go back and check, even if you’re sick of the test at that point. It’s important to eliminate careless mistakes.

Stephanie Lin Earns Perfect ACT Score

LaGrange High School Junior Stephanie Lin accomplished one of the rarest feats achieved by any high school student: a perfect 36 on her ACT college entrance exam. Lin, a student of Lyons Township High School, joined an elite group of academically gifted high school students across the nation and, in doing so, secured a much better position for her future.

Lin’s primary advice for ACT test takers is to prepare for the psychological effects of the exam. “For the ACT, a lot is just having the mindset of test taking,” says Lin. “Don’t forget to refresh your mind from time to time, because it’s almost inevitable that the infamous boredom ghoul will haunt you as you go through each test. Particularly because after the math section (which is one hour!) it gets very tiring, it’s good to refresh and recall the tips you’ve learned.” She added, “And get a good night’s sleep, too!”

Lin’s secret to success is the hard work and dedication required of any champion achieving a rare and impressive feat: practice and dedication to perfection.

“I think all the practice and guidance was what helped me achieve a perfect score,” says Lin.

Lin also gave some credit to her Test Masters online ACT course. “Studying regular schoolwork is hard enough – having a Test Masters instructor (very friendly and funny ones at that) progress through the lessons was beyond helpful.”

Lin took the Test Masters online ACT course. She has also taken the company’s online SAT, SAT Math II and SAT Chemistry courses. Her performance on the exam, as well as her track record of dedication, completes Lin’s portfolio as a star scholastic performer.

In addition to her stellar achievement on the ACT, Lin is a practiced pianist, experienced equestrian, and a badminton state champ. She also speaks three languages and volunteers weekly at the hospital, where she likes to smile at the cute little faces in the nursery. She is interested in becoming a biomedical engineer and would like to attend Yale or Brown. Lin hopes to one day design medical devices for the betterment of the health field.

“I think my clearest dream for the future is that I want my work to have significance for myself and for others,” says Lin. “For example, if I go into biomedical engineering and my coworkers and I develop some magnificent tool, that would probably be the most satisfying feeling – an outcome that has reflected all of the hard work put into it.”

In recognition of her accomplishment, Test Masters will award Lin a $1000 college scholarship.

Get a Perfect Score – Like Shashank Vura

Shashank Vura completed the Test Masters SAT preparation course in the fall of 2009 as a seventh grader taking the SAT as a participant in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). Although Vura went on to earn an impressive score for his age group, scoring above a 2000, it was not until December of 2013, as a high school junior, that he achieved true test taking greatness, scoring a perfect 2400 on the SAT.

Vura’s path to perfection should serve as an example to parents and students seeking to emulate this type of success on the SAT or ACT. Less than 1% of all students who take the SAT will go on to earn a perfect 2400; as standardized testing has become more and more important for college admissions, students and parents who are interested in achieving this level of success should, like Shashank Vura, consider beginning their preparation for these exams sooner rather than later.

Test Masters played an important role in Vura obtaining a perfect SAT score. On his experience with Test Masters, Vura said his instructors were “a shining example of good classroom management,” adding that “the instructors have great communication skills” and “the ability to keep the attention of a room of rowdy teenagers.”

Vura’s perfect SAT score doesn’t come as a complete surprise; he is certainly no stranger to academic success. At Dulles High School he is actively involved in the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (a mathematics honor society), and the Geography Club. He further distinguishes himself by participating in community oriented and philanthropic endeavors such as the Missouri City Youth Council and Grant-A-Starr Foundation.

Vura has taken a panoramic approach to what he would like to study as an undergraduate, saying, “I would like to pursue a double major in the natural sciences and the social sciences/liberal arts.” Although he remains unsure of which universities he will apply to following his high school graduation in 2015, he has singled out the University of Texas as a potential landing spot.

Vura is the twentieth Test Masters student to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT since January 2012, further cementing Test Masters’ reputation for producing more perfect score students than any other test preparation company in the country. In recognition of his accomplishment Test Masters will award Vura a $1,000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship.

Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews SAT Perfect Scorer Kevin Xu

Kevin XuKevin Xu is the latest Test Masters student to score a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Xu had previously taken the SAT, but knew it was in his power to achieve a perfect score. Kevin seeks to create a “bigger, brighter future” for himself and knew a prep course with Test Masters was the way to go.  Test Masters is proud to present him with the $1000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship.

A junior at James E. Taylor High School, Kevin’s passion is music, reading and as he describes “anything related to computers.” With both brains and talent as an accomplished pianist, he competes in University Scholastic League (UIL) piano competitions.  His volunteer efforts include Music RX, a group of musicians who perform at nursing schools and hospitals. In addition, he is an active member of the National Honor Society.

Kevin has big plans for his future and happiness is at the top of his list. His career plans include a potential future in engineering and he is taking time to decide just what field would suit him best. While he hopes to one day pursue a doctorate in engineering, material compensation is not a top priority. He states “I don’t necessarily want to be extremely rich, but rather have a stable, enjoyable job.” Achieving a perfect score on the SAT is just one small step in a very bright future.

Test Masters, Kevin claims, has played a giant part in his huge success. He learned tips and strategies from well-rounded instructors, and made it a point to study hard and attend Exam Club weekly for over 3 months. The lessons learned at Test Masters are invaluable to him.

Kevin agreed to sit down with us and answer a few questions about why Test Masters is the way to go when it comes to thinking about your future. He is a true testament to “practice makes perfect.”

We at Test Masters couldn’t be prouder of Kevin and can’t wait to see what he does in the future.

Q. What was the most valuable resource Test Masters provided you?

A. “Exam club helped me become familiar with the SAT and the type of questions on the test. The study materials were quite useful.. Reviewing over the old lessons definitely helped me prepare for the test and made me less anxious about the SAT.”

Q.  What advice would you give to future students preparing for the SAT?

A. “The best way to improve your SAT score is just to practice. There’s no way to avoid it. Exam club is an extremely valuable resource in this aspect, since Test Masters provides over 40 tests for you to practice with. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.”

Q. How do you feel about the instructors at Test Masters?

A. “The teachers were definitely the most enjoyable part of Test Masters. Their lessons were both enjoyable and exciting and I looked forward to going to the classes every week. The teaching was definitely helpful as well, as I learned many strategies and tips about test taking.”


Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews SAT Perfect Scorer Rachel Jang

Rachel Jang
Rachel Jang joined the ranks of the nation’s top test takers with her Perfect SAT Score.

Rachel Jang has joined her fellow Test Masters alumni in achieving her dream and the dream of many other students by scoring a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Test Masters has proudly presented her with the $1,000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship in recognition of her dedication and hard work. A perfect SAT score is hard to come by, and takes dedication, hard work and preparation.

“We are proud to welcome her to the increasing number of perfect SAT scores produced by Test Masters,”said Roger Israni, President and Director of Test Masters.  Test Masters has established a reputation for consistently producing more perfect SAT score and National Merit Semifinalist students than any other preparation company in the country. Rachel joins over 40 Test Masters-prepared students who have made perfect SAT Scores over the past 5 years.  She took The Test Masters Full Length SAT & PSAT course as a sophomore in 2012 which included classroom instruction and a computer-based curricula covering Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. The complete course can be covered within a 4-5 week period, or can be taken leisurely over a 4 month period or longer.

Her decision to take the Test Masters prep course the summer before her sophomore year was based on a friend’s recruitment, and according to Rachel, “it was one of the best decisions of [her] life!” At Test Masters, you have the ability to learn and engage with friends, and make some new ones along the way. Currently a junior at Cinco Ranch High School, Rachel was born in South Korea and moved to Katy, TX when she was 4. In addition to perfect test scores, she is fluent in Korean, English and is on her way to mastering Spanish. Her decision to take the Test Masters prep course the summer before her sophomore year was based on a friend’s recruitment, and according to Rachel, “it was one of the best decisions of [her] life!” At Test Masters, you have the ability to learn and engage with friends, and make some new ones along the way.

In her spare time when she isn’t focused on achieving exceptional test scores Rachel enjoys playing the viola and has played professionally in gigs for various art galleries, churches and charities. She has selected to be a member of the Texas Region 23 Symphony Orchestra for the past two years and her volunteer efforts at Camp Children’s Association for Maximum Potential were highly appreciated. She is currently a member of the National Honor Society, but as a remarkable student, we would expect nothing less. Her future career path is undecided; however she is interested in becoming a business or chemical engineer major. This girl has big goals and we have no doubt she will achieve them all!

We sat down with Rachel to ask her about her preparation process and get her feedback on her Test Masters experience. The insight she gave us is sure to help future test takers achieve perfection as well.

Q. What did you think about your Test Master instructors?

A. “The instructors are perfect, and I am not exaggerating when I say this. They are the world’s ideal teachers – they are intelligent but not condescending, they are silly and good-humored but not distracting, and they always welcome questions, no matter how trivial they seem.”

Q.  What is your opinion of the study materials provided to you by Test Masters?

A. “The study materials were also more than sufficient. The Test Masters book I was given had everything I needed to do well on the SAT!”

Q. For you, which lessons Test Masters provided were the most helpful?

A. “I think the most helpful lessons they gave us were the ones regarding essay formatting and critical reading strategies, which were my two weakest points!”

Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews SAT Perfect Scorer Adelaide Kwon

Adelaide Kwon
Adelaide Kwon, with her $1000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship Check from Test Masters.

With dedication, hard work and perseverance anything is possible.  Just ask Adelaide Kwon. She is one of the latest members to join the elite few who have studied hard and diligently to achieve SAT perfection in the form of a 2400. This test taker extraordinaire, along with two other Test Masters students in the month of October 2013 is the recipient of the $1000 college scholarship awarded to those with perfect SAT scores.

Adelaide attributes her success to practicing often and starting early. Time is of the essence, and with excellent time management skills Adelaide is able to balance school and her extensive interests with ease. She is the Founder and President of the Music RX Club at her school, which seeks to bring musicians together to play at local nursing homes and hospitals. She is Historian of her school’s Science program and an involved member of the National Honor Society. She has over 200 hours of volunteer work under her belt, volunteering at her church, hospital and library. We salute her for all her efforts and the good she does in the community. If anyone deserves a perfect score, it is Adelaide.

She also appreciates the help she has gotten along the way. She credits Test Masters with providing her with the tools and the support to be a success.  Adelaide has excellent advice for those who want to achieve excellence as well. Practice often and start early. Time is of the essence, and memorization takes time.

We caught up with Adelaide to get her point of view on Test Masters courses and how other students can share in her success.

Q. What was the most beneficial part of the Test Masters program for you?

A. “The answer explanations in the back of the Test Masters Prep Course Material book were some of the most helpful study materials provided to me, and were very thorough. Not only did they explain why one answer was correct, but they also explained why the other answers were incorrect. Exam Club also provided aid. ”

Q.  What is your opinion of the instructors at Test Masters?

A. “The teachers at Test Masters were very unique in that they were always energetic, exciting, and funny. I enjoyed the teaching; unlike many other classroom settings, it was generally informal and fun to be in, and the teachers ensured that the classes were not boring.”

Q. For you, what about Test Masters was most helpful?

A. “My favorite part of Test Masters was probably Exam Club. I enjoyed the classes and energetic teachers as well, but I believe that Exam Club was the most helpful because it allowed me to apply my learning to actual previous SAT exams.”

Get a Perfect SAT Score – Like George Chen

George Chen
George joins a steadily increasing number of Test Masters alumni to get a Perfect SAT Score.

George Chen has brought a whole new kind of cool to the Test Masters Perfect Score alumni. George not only managed to accomplish the near-impossible, achieving a Perfect SAT Score, but did so with an almost debonair attitude. To commemorate George’s accomplishment, Test Masters has awarded him a $1000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship.

George, a student at Memorial High School, proved that sometimes a good attitude, and a little bit of help, is all you need to fulfill your goals. This positive outlook was epitomized by George’s feelings immediately following his exam, “I felt like I did my best. I felt like 2400 or not, I would be happy with whatever result I got.”

George attributes a great deal of his success to the Test Masters Exam Club, saying that the testing conditions allowed him to concentrate and the impressive number of exams at his disposal helped him, through practice, pinpoint his specific areas of weakness. Expounding on this, George advises that students currently preparing for the SAT “Always practice as much as possible.”

Find more Perfect Score stories here. In the meantime, let’s hear from the young man himself:

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