College Essay Writing Tips

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A big portion of the college application process in which students tend to take for granted are the applications essays. Some of you may feel lost as to how to even get started. The worst thing you could do is wait until the very last minute to even start thinking about it. Which is why we have gone ahead and provided you with some pointers to think about as you take one step closer to completing your college applications. Knowing these tips is what will separate your essays from the rest of the bunch.

The most important rule when writing your essays is to always stay true to your voice. Do not write what you think an admissions committee wants to hear. 
They know what grade you are in and how old you are, but what they do not understand about you is who you truly are as a person. Remember, this is the one and only opportunity for you to make a drastic impact on total strangers whom you may never meet. The catch is that these are the people who just so happen to serve as the gatekeeper to the university that you wish to attend.

You never want to try and pretend to be someone that you are not. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Let the admissions committees get a feel of who you really are. Guide them into a particular moment that had a great impact on your life. Introduce them to and allow them to get to know the people who changed your life, and share with them these life changing moments. Whatever your special defining topics may be, bring these people into it, and let them experience it the way you experienced it. Throw yourself out there, and don’t ever hold back.

Don’t forget that the admissions committees are looking at lots and lots of applications from students just like you. They know more or less what they will be receiving from all of their applicants. There is no need for any added pressure. Nobody will be expecting any award winning publications from you. With that said, there is no need to ease the stress completely by hiring a ghost writer, or even having your parents write it for you. It is good to have them look over it, and help you add on to it, but do not let their own voice and creativity replace your own.

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There you have it. Now get to work!

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