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Trinity University offers the option of a close-knit small liberal arts college right in Texas. With an endowment of $975 million, Trinity has tremendous amounts of money for such a small school. To put it in perspective, Trinity’s student population is about 2,700 with an endowment of $975 million while Baylor University has an endowment of $1.004 billion for about 15,000 students.

Even though the cost for Trinity University is steep, at $31,356 for tuition and $10,966 for room and board, the large endowment allows for the majority of student to receive some sort of financial aid. A whopping 86% of students receive some sort of aid, whether it be merit or need based. While 52.8% percent of the student body applies for need-based aid, the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $19,487. This cuts down the cost of a small private school education to about half, making the cost very competitive with state-schools. Another area that saves money is the application process. Trinity University is one of the few institutions that does not have an application fee when applying online. Unfortunately, if you’re old fashion and insist on mailing your application, there’s a $50 fee.

The Elizabeth Huth Coates Library at Trinity University.

Common with most small liberal arts schools, Trinity emphasizes small classes, with 64% of its classes having less than 20 students. The most popular major at Trinity is business, marketing, management, and related support services. With only about 23% of the students being of color, Trinity University isn’t exactly the most diverse school. Trinity does have a very competitive student body, with an average GPA of 3.52. The students were often the top of their classes in high school; 80% of the students were in the top 10% of their graduating class. Trinity’s students also had the second highest standardized test scores out of institutions in Texas, with Rice University coming in at first.

Located right in historic San Antonio, Trinity University offers a welcoming city atmosphere. Even though the campus is very small and it’s about a 15-20 minute walk across campus, 88% of the students have a car on campus. The high percentage of students with cars reflects on the desire many students have to venture into the city. With many of its buildings built on the beautiful hills of San Antonio, it is easy to get confused with the floor numbers. You may enter on floor 2 and find yourself inexplicably exiting the building on floor 1.

One notable tradition involves friends kidnapping male students on their birthday in the middle of night and dumping them into a fountain on campus. Perhaps this reflects a little bit on the hazing issues the school’s Greek organizations have been facing. In the spring of 2012, two fraternities and two sororities were suspended for hazing incidents. However, the school is not very Greek heavy, as only about 17 percent of the student body participates in Greek Life.

Go Tigers!

The school mascot is Leeroy the Tiger. The Trinity Tigers are in Division III NCAA athletics and are highly competitive in tennis and soccer, being national championship contenders perennially. Their football program also went 7-1 last year, qualifying for play-offs. All dorms at the university offer a cleaning service and many of them have balconies of some sort. Trinity also offers a very strong study-abroad program; about 40% of students choose to take advantage of the program. In all, Trinity presents a great option for those who don’t want to get lost in the crowd at a large state school while at the same time receiving a small, personal, liberal-arts education.

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