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Tulane UniversityTulane University, located “five miles by streetcar” from the heart of downtown New Orleans, is one of the nation’s premiere educational and research institutions. From 1847 to 1884, Tulane operated as the Medical College of the University of Louisiana. In 1884, following the generous donation of over $1 million in “land, cash, and securities” by Paul Tulane (equivalent to $1.4 billion in 2015 dollars), the Medical College was renamed Tulane University of Louisiana and declared a private, nonsectarian university.

Tulane boasts a robust undergraduate class size of 8,353, and their reputation for academic excellence is bared out by the class of 2018’s admission statistics: of the approximately 1,600 students admitted, the average SAT score (Reading and Math only) was 1344 and 57% of incoming students graduated in the top 10% of their high school class. Their selectivity is further evinced with their slim acceptance rate of about 28%. Tulane was most recently ranked #41 in US News’ college ranking.

Tulane offers a wide variety of degree programs, the most popular of which relate to Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Future professionals may be particularly interested in Tulane’s two undergraduate Pre-Professional Tracks: Pre-Health (including Pre-Medical, Pre-Veterinary, and Pre-Dental) and Pre-Law. It is worth noting that while almost every university will have degree paths that may considered “Pre-Med” (for example, majoring in Biology) or “Pre-Law” (for example, majoring in English or Philosophy), not every university will have specific degree programs and counseling services dedicated to students planning on pursuing these particular professional and graduate school paths.

Ambitious students will probably be interested to learn about Tulane’s four Scholarship Programs. These programs, which students will separately apply to either during the undergraduate admissions process or during the fall of their freshman year, are highly selective academic programs in which students form a 4-year cohort, usually consisting of 20 other students, to improve and supplement their respective areas of study. You can learn more about these Scholarship Programs here.

Make good decisions, kids.
La Rue Bourbon est populaire avec les étudiants de collège!

Momentarily setting aside their sterling academic reputation and programs, another enticing reason to make Tulane your first choice school is the city in which it resides. New Orleans is a world famous tourist destination celebrated for its Creole culture. From the notorious nightlife of the French Quarter and Bourbon street, to the deliciously authentic food of the the French Market, to the museum district and “elegant decay” of their historic graveyards, New Orleans has something for everyone. For Tulane students, the rich city environment afforded by living in New Orleans is a valuable and important part of the undergraduate experience. Il est important avoir de savoir-faire. Et ça commence à Tulane!

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Although Tulane’s sticker price of approximately $50,000 per year may come as a bit of a shock for prospective students, rest assured that their annual cost of attendance can be slightly offset by the myriad merit and need based scholarships they offer. All admitted freshman are automatically considered for partial merit-based scholarships ranging between $10,000 – $32,000 per year and need-based financial aid is available through university as well. You can learn more about Tulane’s available scholarships and financial assistance requirements here.

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