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College Trivia: Round 7 (It’s Play Time!)

Clark Univ LogoQuestion: At what university does studying stop for a magical day filled with carnival games and rides?

Answer: Clark University.

If that doesn’t sell you on Clark I don’t know what will! Each year the university sanctions a day (“Spree Day”) in which classes are spontaneously canceled. Rather than studying, students are encouraged to enjoy the entertainment on the campus Green which is converted into a carnival with amusement rides!

If you are interested in Clark University, here are some of the other things that may make it appealing (besides, of course, a school tradition based on pure fun!).

Clark is a medium, sized, private liberal arts school located in Worcester, Massachusetts. According to their website: “Clark University prepares students to make a meaningful difference in a world hungry for change. The intimate urban campus is a dynamic community where intellectual engagement and active discovery are highly valued.”

FRIENDS YOU COULD MAKE: 2,311 – There are 2,311 total undergrads at Clark, and they have approximately 550 freshmen enter the university each year. Also, 62% of Clark students are from out of state, so you won’t be the only one looking to make friends.

CAMPUS LIFE: 97% of all freshmen live on campus, and 71% of all undergrads choose to remain on campus all 4 years.

ADMISSIONS: The average Clark student was in the top 30% of his/her high school class and made a 24-29 on the ACT and a 1630-1960 on the SAT. 68% of all Clark applicants are admitted, so it is considered a “somewhat selective” school.

WHAT YOU WILL BE STUDYING: The most popularly declared majors are Physiology, Political Science, Business Management, International Development & Social Change, Biology, and Economics.

Want More College Trivia? See if you can answer the question below!

  1. What Ivy League university is the only school in the nation to re quire students to pass a swim test before earning their diploma?
  2. At which university can you pick out a lobster from a tank and have it cooked fresh to order?
  3. The aver age freshman gains how many pounds during their first year?
  4. When you apply to college, how many U.S. valedictorians do you think you are competing with?
  5. Which late night talk show host has an Ivy League college education?
  6. Which 8 colleges make up the “Ivy League?”
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