Valedictorian Address

College Trivia: Round 4

Valedictorian AddressQuestion: When you apply to college, how many U.S. valedictorians do you think you are competing with? (Warning! This number may shock you!)

Answer: More than 27,000!

Approximately 2.94 million U.S. students graduate from more than 27,000 high schools each year, meaning each college applicant is competing against 27,000 valedictorians, 27,000 salutatorians, 27,000 student government presidents, and 27,000 editors-in-chief.

Yikes! Those stats may sound daunting, but don’t let them discourage you! Use all the helpful advice in College Compass to prove you, too, are a stellar candidate!

Statistics from: Wissner-Gore, Elizabeth. 2006. What Colleges Don’t Tell You (And Other Parents Won’t Tell You). New York: Hudson Street Press.

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