No Contention Here: Anushka Madhurvarshi Achieves Perfect SAT Score

RESOLVED: TestMasters helps students like Anushka Madhurvarshi achieve perfect scores on the SAT.

Affirmative: Madhurvarshi, a senior at DeBakey and avid Debate Team member, earned a Perfect Score of 2400 on the April 2015 SAT examination. As her value statement, Anushka credits her success on the SAT in large part to the comprehensive SAT classroom course she completed with TestMasters.

“I definitely could not have achieved a perfect score without TestMasters. The classes were really helpful, and the instructors were engaging and did a great job teaching. Exam Club was perfect for practice because it was in a more controlled environment and taught me how to discipline and focus myself in a testing environment.”

For students currently preparing for the SAT, Madhuvarshi has some sagacious advice. “Practice, Practice, Practice. Nothing is more important than taking the exam in its entirety in testing situations as often as possible. The classes are helpful, but Exam Club is the most helpful. While my score grew about 300 points from my first practice test to my last practice test of the course, Exam Club improved it some more and helped me reach that 2400.”

In addition to achieving truly remarkable scores on standardized tests and crushing opponents rhetorically, Madhurvarshi participates in the Business Professional of America (BPA) club, Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club, Desi Cultural Club, and National Honor Society, among other activities. She hopes to have a career as a financial consultant, and expects to earn an MBA is pursuit of that professional goal.

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