SAT Sentence Completion Example Problem


      To keep their negotiations —–, the leaders of rival groups in the country arranged meetings that were —-.

a.       relaxed… complex

b.      covert… prestigious

c.       secret… clandestine

d.      productive… unscheduled

e.      diplomatic… illicit

Explanation: The framework of this sentence is such that the word in the second blank must be similar in meaning to the word in the first blank. Of the available answer choices only (c) has two answer choices with similar meanings.

You can never have enough vocabulary; you should add these words and their definitions to your flashcards.

Relaxed: To make lax or loose; to make less severe or strict; to reduce in intensity; slacken; to relieve from tension or strain.

Complex: Involved or intricate, as in structure; complicated.

Covert: Not openly practiced, avowed, engaged in, accumulated, or shown. Covered or covered over; sheltered.

Prestigious: Having prestige; esteemed.

Secret: kept hidden from knowledge or view; concealed. Dependably discreet. Operating in a hidden or confidential manner. Not expressed; inward. Not frequented; secluded. Known or shard only by the initiated. Beyond ordinary understanding; mysterious. Containing information, the unauthorized disclosure of which poses a grave threat to national security.

Clandestine: Held in secrecy; inconspicuous.

Productive: Performing the act of, or having the ability to, accomplish a task or activity in abundance or efficiency.

Unscheduled: Not planned; Spontaneous.

Diplomatic: Relating to the use of peaceful means of negotiation to accomplish political goals, especially in order to avoid conflict.

Illicit: Illegal.

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