Effective Time Management Tips

It seems like the workload is getting worse this semester. You feel like you are sinking and can no longer keep up. Maybe you are not effectively managing your time. Try following some of our time management strategies.

Make a To-Do List

Write up a list every night for things that you need to do the next day. Establish the importance of each task and put whatever is most important at the top of your list and complete these tasks first. Then go onto the next task and so on. Once you complete your list, be sure to reward yourself for your accomplishments.

Use Extra Time Wisely

So you have that reading assignment due and you haven’t even started reading! Well instead of waiting till the last minute to cram an entire novel, read bits and pieces of it any chance you have some free time. You can find time to read while you are commuting on a bus or train, or waiting for your meal at the restaurant, or even on hold with a telephone operator. There will be plenty of opportunities during your day where you will be given free time so use it wisely.

Work at the Right Time

Everybody operates differently. If you happen to be better at math in the evenings, then do all of your math homework in the evenings. If you find that reading makes you sleepy, then do your reading assignments earlier in the day. Figure out the time of day in which you can complete certain tasks better and work this way.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

In order for your brain to be able to perform at its best, you must allow proper time to sleep. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep will only backfire on you as your brain will be unable to work effectively. Your tasks will be much more difficult to complete, and you will not be completing your work at your very best.

We understand that you are under much stress. Take a deep breath and utilize our tips in order to decrease stress and increase productivitiy.

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