Exam Day = Game Day

Throughout your high school career, one of your biggest, yet most important worries may come from the SAT, ACT, SAT II, and even the AP exams. Here are some things to think about when preparing for these dreadful tests.

Treat These Exams The Way You Treat Your Hobbies.

Some of you might enjoy playing sports, or a musical instrument, or maybe you enjoy playing video games for hours on end. Whatever your hobby may be, in order to be really good at it, you must work at it every single day. So why should these exams be any different?

The Beginning Is Always The Hardest.

The first time you ever set foot on a soccer field, played the guitar, or picked up your Xbox controller, chances are you were probably terrible at it. You might have even embarrassed yourself. But it was okay because after working at it for a while, you finally got good at it. The same concept applies to your exams.

Nobody gets a perfect score on their exam the first time around. Just like your hobbies, your first practice exam will probably be quite an embarrasing performance. But after putting in the work and improving on your mistakes, you will eventually become a really good test taker.

Nothing Good Comes Easily. You Must Put In The Practice.

Why do you think your athletic coaches and music directors make you guys practice every single day? Because these are skills that must be drilled into you on a daily basis. Improvement and progress can only be made just a little bit each day.

Being in such after school activities you are required to do daily stretches and warm ups, followed by numerous drills, and then you may end with a scrimmage.

You must prepare for your exams in the same way. Set aside a reasonable amount of time each day for exam preparation. Maybe just 30 minutes, or even an hour. Pick just one subject to work on for that day. Do one set of practice problems as a daily warm up. Find out which problems you missed, and why you missed them. For your drills, work on ways to improve in these areas of weakness. Your scrimmages will be your full length practice tests.

You Must Be Ready Not Just Mentally, But Physically.

When you take these exams, you will most likely take them very early in the morning on a Saturday. Most of you guys have devoted Saturday as “Sleep-In Day”. This is unacceptable. This is when you must take your full length practice tests. So from now on, turn your Saturday into “Game Day”.

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Not only do you have to train your body to be able to wake up abnormally early on Saturday, but once you’re up, you have to train your body to be able to endure a good 4-5 hours of solid test taking. There is no easy way around this, so get in the habit now.

You Cannot Cram The Week Before, And Especially Not The Night Before.

You absolutely cannot procrastinate when it comes to taking such important exams. Cramming will only prove to be harmful to you and your desired score.

Does Tom Brady cram the night before a big game by lifting every single weight in the gym? Does Michael Phelps cram the night before an olympic race by swimming hundreds of miles nonstop? Absolutely not. They would probably severely hurt themselves, and so would you if you tried the same method on your exams. You must commit yourself to practicing just a little bit each day the same way the professionals do.

Just Because You Got Did Well On A Practice Test Doesn’t Mean You Get To Quit Practicing!

You have to stay sharp when taking these exams, which means you have to continuously put in the work no matter what. Only after you take the real exam and achieve your dream score can you stop practicing. If the undefeated Green Bay Packers still have to go to practice, then so do you.

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