Get a Perfect SAT Score – Like George Chen

George Chen
George joins a steadily increasing number of Test Masters alumni to get a Perfect SAT Score.

George Chen has brought a whole new kind of cool to the Test Masters Perfect Score alumni. George not only managed to accomplish the near-impossible, achieving a Perfect SAT Score, but did so with an almost debonair attitude. To commemorate George’s accomplishment, Test Masters has awarded him a $1000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship.

George, a student at Memorial High School, proved that sometimes a good attitude, and a little bit of help, is all you need to fulfill your goals. This positive outlook was epitomized by George’s feelings immediately following his exam, “I felt like I did my best. I felt like 2400 or not, I would be happy with whatever result I got.”

George attributes a great deal of his success to the Test Masters Exam Club, saying that the testing conditions allowed him to concentrate and the impressive number of exams at his disposal helped him, through practice, pinpoint his specific areas of weakness. Expounding on this, George advises that students currently preparing for the SAT “Always practice as much as possible.”

Find more Perfect Score stories here. In the meantime, let’s hear from the young man himself:

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