Get a Perfect SAT Score – Like Ridge Liu

Ridge Liu
Ridge Liu, exemplifier of exemplary excellence aka a Test Master.

Ridge Liu has conquered the SAT, joining an ever expanding group of Test Masters students to achieve test taking excellence and score a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Do you want to know how to get a Perfect SAT score like Ridge Liu? Keep reading.

In addition to being a Test Masters Perfect Scorer, Ridge, a junior at Bellaire High School, is an editor for his school paper, plays the viola, and is vice-president of Bellaire’s Math Club. On the Bellaire Math Club, Ridge said, “We attend local tournaments and participate in various mail-in competitions, and we’ve been moderately successful for a small club.” Ridge is also a member of the Bellaire Quiz Bowl team.

Ridge learned to harness the power of his impressive intellect, and get a Perfect SAT Score, with the help of the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparatory course. “The teachers are amazing, really funny. They all have interesting stories to tell about the SAT.” Ridge also mentioned that he really valued the Test Masters course material, “It’s great because all the materials are derived from previous tests.”

“The Test Masters Exam Club program is great for practicing. They have, basically, every test from every year since the SAT was changed. So you can come in every weekend and take any test you want. You also get candy, and that’s great.”

When asked to elaborate on his favorite part of the Test Masters SAT program, Ridge stoically responded, “The candy; definitely the candy.”

Though he hasn’t yet decided which university he really wants to attend at the undergraduate level, Ridge is thinking big, “I’m really considering colleges like Stanford, Berkeley, Cal Tech, and, of course, Ivy League schools.” He might not know exactly where he wants to go to school, but he does know exactly what he wants to study when he gets there, “I’d like to study physics and math in college. I hope to be successful and make a career of it. The furthest I am sure of in my goals is getting a Ph.D. in physics and doing research into the universe.” We certainly wish him the best of luck in accomplishing these ambitious goals, which is why Test Masters was happy to present Ridge with a $1,000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship.

Before we let Ridge go, we had to ask him whether he has any advice for students currently preparing for the SAT: “When they say ‘practice makes perfect’, listen. With a test like the SAT, the key to getting a good score is practice. Take a test as quickly and as accurately as you can, check your answers, read why you missed the answers you did, and take another test. The SAT has its own logic that they use for all their questions, so be sure you can completely justify your answer with that logic.”

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Really want to know how to get a Perfect SAT Score? Let’s let the man speak for himself; check out the video below!

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