How to Avoid the Senior Slump

Congratulations seniors! The last semester is finally here. You made it this far, but it is far from over. This is not the time to be lazy. Here are some ways to avoid the infamous senior slump.

Don’t Be Cocky

Sure, you’ve put in your hours and you’ve done all the hard work, and for that you shall be rewarded. But you are not entitled to a free semester of underachievement.

Do not forget that colleges do have the power to reject you if they see that you are slipping significantly during your senior year. To them, this raises a red flag that academic troubles are on the way. Suck it up for one more semester and hang in there.

Set Goals & Stay Organized

You should never stop setting goals for yourself, no matter what stage you are at in your life. Make a goal and challenge yourself from now until the end of the year. Make it a goal to finish your high school career with the best GPA you’ve ever had. It is a strong way to stay motivated, and it will also keep you focused.

Not only do you need to stay focused, but you also need to keep yourself organized! To be good at anything requires practice and repetition. Good organization is not excluded. You cannot afford to fall into a full on lazy mode from now all the way until you start college. By then, you will already be too far behind to be successful at the next level.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Remember, graduation is right around the corner! It’s what you’ve been working for these past three and a half years! Don’t let it slip away. You have come too far and worked too hard put throw it all in away in just a single semester.

Besides, it’s one more semester! You’ve already managed to survive seven! What’s one more? Plus, there is no point in getting into a slump now. You haven’t even gotten to college to yet. The hardest part of your life has yet to begin.

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