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How To Get Things Done… or Not

If you’ve ever tried to multitask, you’ve probably found that, while devilishly convenient, it occasionally causes you to run into some problems. For example, if you do your math homework during English class, you now have English homework instead, which, we all know, is way worse than math (too many “opinion” questions with right/wrong answers, in my uneducated opinion). But, when the math is due next period, it’s a fair trade. The lesson to be learned here: multitasking works best in moments of desperation.

Except when it doesn’t. Despite your school’s promise to “prepare you for the real world,” a lot of the tricks that make school easier don’t actually work in the real world. Take my word for it; sometimes it’s best not to try them, as illustrated in a colorful chapter of my own recent history.

Last Saturday, I decided that the most effective way to study for the SAT, practice for All-State, and clean my bedroom (it hadn’t progressed to disaster area, but there was some work to be done after I got back from my trip abroad. Think unpacking, times twelve) was to do all of it at the same time. It might have worked, since the maximum amount of time I spend on any one thing is about two minutes, but then, in order:

  1. My brother wanted a “coffee toffee twisted Frosty” from Wendys. I’m not convinced they exist.
  2. Another one of my brothers wanted help on his cello etude. I don’t play cello.
  3. My remaining brother was demanding chocolate-chip cookies. We didn’t have any butter.
  4. My sister dredged up an old AP Spanish workbook, and tried to get me to do it. No further information is required to comprehend the horror.
  5. And my orchestra director decided it was my turn to bring baked goods to Region practice later that day. It was in two hours, and I can’t just pick something up from the store. I can’t drive.

So instead, I spent Saturday running around trying to meet a rather silly set of requests. I didn’t get any of the things I was trying to do, done, and my room has officially progressed to “disaster area” designation. I’ll probably need a biohazard suit to get it clean.

SuperBlast your way into college!
Have It Your Way, Rig... er, at Sonic

On the upside, I got everything else done except for the Frosty thing (still not convinced it exists). As an added bonus (extra credit makes up for what you didn’t do the first time around!), my older brother and sister and I discovered that you can really ask for any drink creation from Sonic, and they will give it to you. This includes a Dr. Pepper-Snickers Sonic Blast. It looked terrifying, but she claims it was good.

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It wasn’t a bad day, but I did learn that I’m going to have to rethink how I plan to get things done this summer. Out of all my summers so far, this one is turning out to be the busiest summer where I didn’t have anything to do. Or, we can take the better lesson here: Lock your door when you have stuff to do, and let no one in.

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