This hummingbird certainly isn't thinking about college applications during summer vacation.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation: words filled with all kinds of meanings for different people. For some, summer is a virtual continuation of the school year, with a rigid summer school schedule and little free time. For others, it’s a trip to the beach or endless boredom. The common thread that holds all of this together is the new freedom and responsibility which come
naturally when teachers no longer spend half their time making sure you aren’t “out of designated area,” and, of course, the ability to forget anything you may have inadvertantly learned over the course of the year.

At least, that is how I’d describe all my summer breaks leading up to this one. But this summer, it’s been a little different, for me anyway. My family and I are currently on vacation in Rome. On our way here, we also passed through Germany. Seeing cultural differences and similarities actually taught me a lot about the world that you might not really understand just from studying in school. Plus, although I don’t speak German or Italian, I could understand most of what I heard and read in both (particularly in Italian) since I do know Spanish. Of course, it hasn’t all been about learning more. Mostly, I’ve been studying pointless trivia for trivia contests and finding ways to procrastinate  even more effectively than before (using time zones!) and how to most effectively annoy my younger brothers.

And it’s undeniable that the best part of any vacation is the disaster story, the one story where everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. So far, the closest thing to such a story that we’ve experienced so far was losing the ‘e’ key on the keyboard I’m using. A word to the wise: don’t lose your keyboard keys. It makes everything take forever and a day.
This hummingbird certainly isn't thinking about college applications during summer vacation.

Personally, if I had to make a recommendation about travelling, it would
be this: Learn what you can, both mostly, just get used to ignoring your
responsibilities and practice up on those useless skills (think: What do
you call a group of hummingbirds? A charm.) for trivia contests.


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