Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Perfect SAT Scorer Jonathan Zong

Native Houstonian Jonathan Zong will almost certainly pursue a career in computer science after graduation, but he hasn’t yet ruled out becoming a space cowboy.  Whichever route he chooses, he recently got one step closer when he joined the growing ranks of Test Masters students to earn a perfect score on the SAT.

Now, Jonathan clearly set the bar high for himself at an early age:  currently a student at Taylor High School, he is a candidate for the Eagle Scout rank, a cellist in the Chamber orchestra, a competitor in the Academic decathlon, and president of the Computer Science Club.  In his spare time (whew), Jonathan volunteers with the Light and Salt Association, a nonprofit that supports those battling cancer and disabilities in the Chinese American community.  When it was time to start thinking about the SAT, Jonathan put his trust in Test Masters, which is known for producing perfect scores, and the results speak for themselves.

We here at Test Masters like to talk to our students and find out what makes them tick, so we recently sat down for a chat with Jonathan to pick his brain about his path to a perfect score, his experience with Test Masters, and his hope

Jonatthan Zong and his Perfect Score Check

s for the future.

Keep reading to get to know Jonathan and learn about Test Masters‘ role in his success!

Q:  What are your personal interests outside of school? For example, do you like technology?  Art?
“I’m very passionate about technology, and I’m interested in its capacity to impact how we live our lives. I enjoy playing the cello as well as listening to music (of all kinds) and I maintain my super nerdy blog at I also like to have Wikipedia tab-explosions, which happen completely on accident and I don’t notice until it’s too late and I then I have to read all the articles.”

Q:  Do you have any specific dreams, goals, or future plans regarding your career?
“What I love about computer science is that there are so many possibilities within the field. I have a couple of dream jobs, one of which is inventing my own job, but I’m keeping an open mind about all of it.”

Q:  Why did you choose to take a test prep course? Did you take any other course?
  “I chose Test Masters because it was recommended to me by many of my friends, and I wanted to take the SAT seriously. I did not take any other course.”

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Q: What did you like best about Test Masters?
“I enjoyed the classroom atmosphere, where it was relaxed enough not to be stressful, but serious enough actually to provide structure and learning. The candy and pizza was also not bad at all. The emphasis was on progress and challenging oneself instead of focusing on grades. The teachers completely enabled us to take responsibility and be successful.

Q:  Do you feel that you could have achieved a perfect score had you not taken a Test Masters class? How helpful was Test Masters in helping you attaining a perfect score?
“Test Masters thankfully provided the necessary push for me to improve my score by crucial points. Without proper preparation, sometimes scores can plateau after a while; Test Masters helped me avoid that pitfall and push forward.”

Q: How did you like the teachers and classes at Test Masters?
“It takes a unique, dedicated, and personable individual to become a teacher at Test Masters. My instructors for each subject were very engaging and understanding about our goals. I enjoyed their ability to present multiple ways of approaching a problem and keeping in perspective that the SAT is a test bound by its own consistent set of rules.”

Q:  What advice would you have for the students preparing for the SAT?
  “Know your vocab. They say it all the time because it’s really not something you want to regret afterward. Eat breakfast and have understanding and confidence of your own capabilities the morning of the test.”

To learn more about how Test Masters has helped other students join the 2400 club, click here .

Let’s let Johnathan speak for himself; check out the video below!


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