You may have heard the SAT is changing. It’s true.

The first new SAT will be in March of 2016, meaning that these changes will primarily affect the graduating class of 2017. The proposed changes are expected to be comprehensive in nature, so you can anticipate changes to every aspect and section of the new SAT. Specifically, these changes will most affect the exam format and question types. The exact nature of these changes is not 100% certain, but  as the fastest growing test preparation company in the country and a long-time industry leader in research and development, Test Masters has a history of providing students with accurate and effective test preparation strategies even in the face of upcoming changes.

What is Test Masters doing to prepare for the New Sat?

Our instructors and staff routinely take the SAT themselves to ensure they are aware of and can effectively communicate any changes to students.  This practice has the added benefit of giving us a good idea of what changes to expect. The current SAT exams include “Experimental Sections,” which are used to try out new potential question types. By examining these “Experimental Sections” we can predict what the new SAT will look like. Can we tell you what these new question types will look like? Not yet, because it is not yet guaranteed that these question types will appear on the new exam.

Test Masters has a track record of success with changing exams.

Most recently, the SAT was revised in 2005. In the first year immediately following this revision, Test Masters produced 3 perfect score students, more than any other test prep company in the region. The GRE and GMAT were also revised, respectively in 2011 and 2012, and not only were we able to produce unique and specialized course content for students taking those exams, but the effectiveness of those programs has made the Test Masters’ GRE and GMAT courses one of the most popular test prep options in the country.

What do we recommend for students who would like to begin preparing for the New SAT now?

Test Masters recommends that students take the exam before it changes. The changes will occur in March 2016, so students who are in their junior year when the changes take effect should take the test no later than January so they have a chance to take both versions of the test. Test Masters also recommends taking the old version of the test twice beginning in October or November of 2015. Students who begin preparing a year or more in advance will still benefit from early exposure to test prep, but will want to follow up when the test changes to ensure they receive the best score possible.

How will Test Masters help you stay up to date on exam changes?

We will be offering an online supplement to our SAT course after the changes take effect. This supplement should be available summer 2015 for a nominal fee to previous Test Masters students. As mentioned, we don’t yet know the full extent of these changes, but we anticipate about that Math will most likely remain unchanged, or have only slight changes to the scope of the content and question types, Critical Reading will have less emphasis on vocabulary, and the Writing section is where we anticipate the most modifications.

College Compass and Test Masters will keep you up to date on any and every change to the SAT. If you have specific questions regarding the current version of the test, or any specific inquiries about the new one, you can always Ask Test Masters. Check out for more information on how you can become a test master.

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