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Today was exciting news in the standardized test community, as College Board released its first set of data and concordance tables regarding the New 2016 SAT. In light of this, we have updated our previous post with updated average New 2016 SAT scores by university.


To find New SAT score equivalents, we used information provided by universities through either their websites or through their Common Data Set publications. We then used the official concordance table presented by College Board to convert Old (2005-2015) SAT scores and ACT scores to the new format. Keep in mind, however, that the ACT has disputed the validity of some concordances and that these concordances may be subject to change as College Board collects more data. In looking at the table, you may note that some universities show a significant 60-100 point difference between New Scores via ACT Concordance and New Scores via Old SAT Concordance. As more test-takers sit for the New 2016 SAT exam, College Board may revisit these preliminary concordances and adjust as needed. As such, the scores presented below are subject to change.

Further, this information is based on the most up-to-date college data we were able to obtain, but these scores may not be reflective of future entering classes, as scores may be higher or lower than in past years. We will not have official data on New SAT scores for admitted students until next year, and perhaps even until years after that, as the class of 2021 will still be able to use Old SAT scores for admissions. Schools may also elect to judge New 2016 SAT scores differently than the data presented within the concordance tables, so keep this in mind as well.

Finally, the data presented are averages (i.e. middle 50% of students admitted), so depending on your own life circumstances (e.g. low GPA, disadvantaged background, competitive high school, etc.), you should determine whether you need to score above the average to have a good shot at being admitted to these schools. Nevertheless, we hope this data will provide you with a good baseline to shoot for when preparing for this exam, and we wish you the best of luck in your college pursuits!

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Presenting the New 2016 SAT Score Chart, by University.

  • New Score via Old SAT Concordance: The equivalent New 2016 SAT score based off the university’s reported Old (2005-2015) SAT score, converted via the concordance table.
  • New Score via ACT Concordance: The equivalent New 2016 SAT score based off the university’s reported ACT score, converted via the concordance table.
  • Difference in Concordances: The difference between the New Score via ACT and New Score via SAT. A negative value in this column means that the New Score via Old SAT was higher. A positive value means that the New Score via ACT was higher.
  • New Score via average of ACT and SAT Concordances: An average of the first two columns, rounded, as the SAT is scored in increments of 10.
 SchoolNew Score via Old SAT ConcordanceNew Score via ACT ConcordanceDifference in Concordances (ACT-SAT)New Score via Average of ACT and SAT Concordances
American University13301340101340
Amherst College15001480-201490
Auburn University12401290501270
Austin College12701260-101270
Barnard College14301410-201420
Baylor University13001290-101300
Boston College14301440101440
Boston University138013801380
Brigham Young University-Provo13401380401360
Brown University15001480-201490
Bucknell University13801410301400
California Institute of Technology15601590301580
Calvin College126012601260
Carleton College14701480101480
Carnegie Mellon University14901510201500
Case Western Reserve University14201440201430
Cedarville University126012601260
Chapman University129012901290
Claremont McKenna College14901480-101490
Clemson University13101380701350
Coe College12201230101230
Colby College141014101410
Colgate University144014401440
College of William and Mary14301440101440
Colorado School of Mines13601410501390
Columbia University in the City of New York15201510-101520
Concordia College at Moorhead13401260-801300
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art14301440101440
Cornell College12501260101260
Cornell University148014801480
Covenant College126012601260
CUNY Bernard M Baruch College13201380601350
Dallas Baptist University11901180-101190
Dartmouth College151015101510
Davidson College14101440301430
DePauw University12601290301280
DigiPen Institute of Technology124013401001290
Drake University12701290201280
Duke University151015101510
Elon University13101290-201300
Emory University14401410-301430
Florida State University129012901290
Fordham University134013401340
Franklin W Olin College of Engineering151015101510
George Washington University138013801380
Georgetown University148014801480
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus14501480301470
Gonzaga University12801290101290
Grinnell College14601440-201450
Hamilton College14601480201470
Harvard University15401550101550
Harvey Mudd College15201550301540
Haverford College14701480101480
Hope College12701260-101270
Houghton College12001230301220
Illinois Institute of Technology13501380301370
Iowa State University12401230-101240
Jewish Theological Seminary of America14201340-801380
Johns Hopkins University14901510201500
Kalamazoo College13001290-101300
Kenyon College141014101410
Kettering University13001290-101300
LeTourneau University12301260301250
Louisiana State University11701260901220
Loyola Marymount University12801340601310
Macalester College14301410-201420
Marquette University12601290301280
Maryland Institute College of Art12501220-301240
Massachusetts Institute of Technology15301550201540
Mercer University12501290401270
Miami University-Oxford13101340301330
Michigan Technological University12801290101290
Middlebury College14401480401460
Mills College12201230101230
Millsaps College12401260201250
Minneapolis College of Art and Design11701180101180
Mississippi State University122012201220
Missouri University of Science and Technology134013401340
Montreat College11201180601150
New College of Florida13601340-201350
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology13001260-401280
New York University14201440201430
North Carolina State University at Raleigh13001340401320
North Dakota State University-Main Campus12001220201210
North Greenville University12001230301220
Northeastern University14701480101480
Northwestern University15201510-101520
Oak Hills Christian College98010801001030
Oberlin College14301410-201420
Ohio State University-Main Campus13401380401360
Oklahoma Baptist University12001260601230
Oklahoma City University12401260201250
Oklahoma State University11901230401210
Pepperdine University13101340301330
Pomona College151015101510
Princeton University15301510-201520
Reed College144014401440
Rhode Island School of Design13401410701380
Rhodes College13701380101380
Rice University151015101510
Rochester Institute of Technology12801340601310
Rockhurst University12301260301250
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology13401410701380
Rutgers University-New Brunswick13001340401320
Saint Louis University12901340501320
Santa Clara University13801440601410
Scripps College14301410-201420
Seattle University12501230-201240
Simmons College126012601260
Skidmore College13201340201330
Southern Methodist University13801410301400
St John’s College14001380-201390
St Mary’s College of Maryland126012601260
Stanford University15201510-101520
Stevens Institute of Technology13801440601410
Stony Brook University13201340201330
SUNY at Binghamton13601410501390
SUNY College at Geneseo13001230-701270
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry12701340701310
Swarthmore College15001480-201490
Texas A & M University-College Station12501290401270
Texas Christian University12701290201280
Texas Tech University11701230601200
The Baptist College of Florida11001120201110
The College of New Jersey13001340401320
The University of Texas at Austin13601380201370
The University of Texas at Dallas134013401340
The University of Texas at San Antonio11101150401130
Trinity University13501380301370
Truman State University13201290-301310
Tufts University15001480-201490
Tulane University of Louisiana14101440301430
Union University12801230-501260
United States Air Force Academy13801410301400
United States Coast Guard Academy13301340101340
United States Military Academy13401380401360
United States Naval Academy13701440701410
University of Alabama11901260701230
University of Alabama in Huntsville12701290201280
University of California-Berkeley14401480401460
University of California-Davis12901340501320
University of California-Los Angeles14001440401420
University of California-San Diego13801410301400
University of California-Santa Barbara13201380601350
University of Central Florida12501340901300
University of Chicago15401550101550
University of Colorado Boulder12601290301280
University of Colorado Denver118011801180
University of Connecticut13201380601350
University of Dallas12701290201280
University of Delaware12701290201280
University of Denver12601290301280
University of Florida134013401340
University of Georgia13201340201330
University of Houston11901220301210
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign14201380-401400
University of Kentucky12101230201220
University of Maryland-Baltimore County12801230-501260
University of Maryland-College Park13901440501420
University of Massachusetts-Amherst13001290-101300
University of Miami13801410301400
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor14301440101440
University of Minnesota-Morris123012301230
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities13701340-301360
University of Missouri-Columbia126012601260
University of Missouri-Kansas City12701220-501250
University of Nebraska-Lincoln12401230-101240
University of North Carolina at Asheville126012601260
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill13901410201400
University of Northwestern-St Paul12601220-401240
University of Notre Dame14901480-101490
University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus12801260-201270
University of Oregon11901220301210
University of Pennsylvania151015101510
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus13401380401360
University of Portland12801260-201270
University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras12701260-101270
University of Puget Sound13001290-101300
University of Richmond13901440501420
University of San Diego13101340301330
University of South Carolina-Columbia13001340401320
University of South Florida-St Petersburg12401230-101240
University of Southern California144014401440
University of Tennessee-Knoxville12401290501270
University of Tulsa13501380301370
University of Utah12301220-101230
University of Vermont12701290201280
University of Virginia-Main Campus14201440201430
University of Washington-Seattle Campus12901340501320
University of Wisconsin-Madison13701380101380
Vanderbilt University15301510-201520
Vassar College14701440-301460
Villanova University13801410301400
Virginia Tech University12801230-501260
Washington and Lee University14501480301470
Washington University in St Louis15301510-201520
Webb Institute14601510501490
Wellesley College14601480201470
West Virginia University11301180501160
Westmont College12501290401270
Wheaton College13801410301400
Whitman College13901440501420
Willamette University12801290101290
Williams College151015101510
Yale University15401550101550
Yeshiva University13201260-601290
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  1. My son has a 4.0 gpa with advanced placement and college classes. However, because he only took advanced placement classes he has no common core math knowledge. His sat was on a 1260 act is only a 27. He is looking at colleges like Carnegie mellon, and villanova. He has tons of extra curricular activities. He plays varsity football, and is in three bands- he is the class treasurer. He runs tons of charity events. Is a member of the debate team, and much more. He also works. Does he have a chance of getting admitted with that low of an sat?

    1. Michelle,

      Carnegie Mellon is an extremely competitive university. Although SAT and ACT scores are only aspect of the application process, they are an extremely important part of any admissions decision. The average admitted score for Carnegie Mellon is very high. You can learn more about the general admission requirements (requirements is a strong word – it would be more appropriate to say the admissions facts of previously admitted students) here.

      My recommendation would be, if at all possible, to have him focus on and prep for either the SAT or ACT, and have him retake the exam in hopes of achieving a better score. Also, if he has not already, do not forget about the SAT Subject Tests as well!

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello,

    My son just received his SAT scores and now has a 1410. He has a 3.8 GPA and will have taken 7 AP courses by the time he graduates next June. He is interested in business, such as accounting or finance, and we live in the Northeast. Can you recommend some schools we should be looking into. Thanks.

    1. Mark,

      Those are excellent credentials! In terms of targeting schools using the criteria you’ve laid out, the biggest difficulty is predicting what schools will require in terms of SAT score; as the SAT was only revised last March, schools have not yet begun making admission decisions based on the new SAT score range. As such, when determining for what schools he will be a competitive applicant, you should use the SAT 2016 concordance table to determine where this new score puts him in a historical/empirical context. (To save you a read-through of that pdf, a 1410 roughly translates to a 2000 on the old SAT). That said, factors that you might consider when deciding what schools he should apply to should include location, cost of attendance, potential scholarship, median salary upon graduation, as well as other items, like teacher:student ratio, etc. A lot of the “acceptable” criteria for determining which schools he should apply to are entirely relative to his and your family’s needs/want, so without more information it’s hard to make specific recommendations. If you are just looking for a list of colleges to pick from or consider, I would recommend taking a look at this 2015 Business Insider “Best Colleges in the Northeast” Article.

      Hope this helps!

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