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Northwestern University is all Smiles with the Happiness Club

Smiley Face
Bringing Happiness to College Students

For many college students, stress and frustration from deadlines and rigorous academics are part of life. If you are looking for a university that eases the tension, Northwestern University just might be for you. Walking through campus, you may notice students dishing out “free hugs” and sharing smiley face stickers. This is because students on campus have united to form the Happiness Club. With lemonade stands, hot chocolate booths, silent dance parties, and bubbles, the Happiness Club aims to alleviate collegiate stress and build a stronger community.

The official vision of the Happiness Club is: to “try to foster a community of happiness at Northwestern through fun events and simple acts of kindness.” The club recognizes that small moments lead to smiles and joy. Through their events, the Happiness Club is making Northwestern a cheerful place to learn.

To read more about the Happiness Club, visit their web page or read about them in the Northwestern News Center.

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