Perfect ACT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Mahika Bhalla

High School Junior Mahika Bhalla achieved the ultimate goal for anyone taking the ACT college entrance exam: a perfect score of 36. Bhalla, a student of BASIS Phoenix Charter School, became one of the few elite students across the nation to accomplish this impressive feat and can now claim that she truly attained perfection – on the ACT, that is.

Bhalla’s advice for anyone taking the ACT in the future is to avoid careless errors. “If you have time left after you finish a section, go back and check your answers,” says Bhalla. “It’s tempting to tell yourself ‘I think that went well’ and rest for the next section, but you might miss simple, easily corrected mistakes if you do so.”

Bhalla credits the Test Masters ACT online course for her success on the exam. “I thought the teachers were engaging and straight-to-the-point. They are very familiar with the test format and taught me exactly how to attack certain types of questions, which helped me save time on the test.”

She also notes that while simply taking practice exams is helpful for improvement, her online course instructors taught her how to significantly increase her ACT score. “They’re full of helpful tricks and tips to approaching the test. I found that most of my questions were answered even before I asked them.”

Q: How did you prepare for the ACT?

A: I took Test Masters’ Online ACT Course. Test Masters gives you a book to fill in with useful notes from the instructors like the diagonal of a cube, which would otherwise take you a while to figure out when taking the actual test.

Q: What advice do you have for students preparing for the ACT?

A: I think the most important thing during practice tests and the actual tests is to maintain your focus, so don’t slow your pace. Don’t lose concentration. Leave plenty of time to go back and check, even if you’re sick of the test at that point. It’s important to eliminate careless mistakes.

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