Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Albert Han

Albert Han, a junior at Clements High School, has achieved a perfect score of 2400 on the SAT. Han, who accomplished this remarkable feat on the March 2015 SAT, completed the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparation course in 2013. With his Perfect SAT Score, Han joins the ranks of the world’s most elite test takers and an increasingly large group of former Test Masters students.

Just like the strategies he employed on the day of the test, Han’s advice to future students taking the SAT is sound: “My advice would simply be to practice. Preparation can always be sped by special tricks or strategies, but at the core of it, the performance depends on the amount of time invested. The more time spent practicing questions, the better you’ll do in the real test.” Han went on to add, “Test Masters was really helpful in not only giving me efficient techniques to confront the questions in the SAT but also provided me with an almost limitless supply of SAT practice tests.”

In addition to his perfect score, which places him in the top 1% of test-takers worldwide, Han’s resume includes involvement in his school’s math and science clubs as well its language academy, where he learns and speaks both Chinese and Spanish. In his spare time, Han additionally enjoys playing tennis and basketball, practicing piano, and eating sushi.

Han certainly has a bright future ahead of him. Han aspires to attend a prestigious undergraduate university, but more than is “interested in studying either biomedical engineering or neuroscience.” He says, “I hope to become a successful doctor in neurology or be involved in creating innovative biotechnology. I would hope to eventually earn a masters and Ph.D, and succeed in creating a new biotechnological invention.”

Han adds, “I feel like I probably would not have achieved a perfect score had I not taken Test Masters, or at least my chance would have been greatly diminished. I came out of the class sessions stimulated and engaged, and the lessons stuck with me. I rarely had to go back and review the grammar rules and reading strategies I learned.”

Q: How did you prepare for the SAT?

A: When preparing for the SAT initially, I did a lot of practice materials– standard things most people would do such as vocabulary and grammar rules– but then I found out that this wasn’t very effective because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. My parents then decided to send me to Test Masters in the tenth grade. I feel like I was a lot more effective in learning the strategies and applying them.

Q: What did you like about Test Masters?

A: I really liked how the course was taught to us. I learned a lot of strategies that were not only easy to learn but also very effectively taught. I remember the teachers were really funny and effective at what they were doing. I remember one of my teachers Gustavo. When he was teaching us English, he would throw Nerds Ropes at us, and this not only let us be more engaged in the course but also helped us retain our knowledge that we were learning.

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