Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Kevin Chen

 Kevin F. Chen, a junior at William P. Clements High School of the Fort Bend Independent School District, has achieved test taking perfection, capturing a perfect 2400 on the March 2014 SAT Reasoning Test. Chen, whose score places him in the top 1% of all SAT test takers, is the latest in a long line of Test Masters course graduates to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT. Chen, who did not take any other preparation courses, says “I don’t think I could have gotten a perfect score without Test Masters.”

When asked about his experience as a Test Masters student, Chen says he was impressed with the quality of the instruction he received. “The teachers at Test Masters are first-rate. They kept the class entertaining, told stories about their experiences with questions and the test, and managed to communicate information in a way that made it easy to remember and use.”

Specifically, Chen says the best thing about being a Test Masters student was Test Masters’ detailed Essay Writing Strategy and the access he received to practice exams via Test Masters’ Exam Club. “Test Masters’ provided a way to systematically improve my writing abilities, which was especially helpful for the SAT. Another one of the best things about Test Masters is their Exam Club, which basically gives students unlimited access to practice tests, as well as a good study and practice environment.”

Q: How did you prepare for the SAT exam?

A: At first I was reviewing vocabulary and taking practice tests on my own, but then I started receiving letters from Test Masters in the mail. I decided I wanted that extra help to try and make a great score, so in fall of 2013, I started my Test Masters score. That really helped me get to a 2400. I don’t think I could have gotten there without the Test Masters class.

Q: What did you enjoy most about Test Masters?

A: I very much enjoyed the Test Masters Exam Club system because it provided a really good opportunity to practice what I was taught in the classes.

Q: What advice do you have for students preparing for the SAT?

A: Well definitely you should take the Test Masters SAT course, and you should also take advantage of their Exam Club system. Test Masters’ SAT class really helps out if you’re a good student or if you’re not really a good student because they teach you the material, and they also teach you the methods behind the test.

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