Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Lekha Yesantharao

Lekha Yesantharao, a junior at Clear Lake High School, is the most recent Test Masters SAT & PSAT course graduate to take the SAT and emerge with a perfect score of 2400. Yesantharao, who took the Test Masters classroom course over the summer of 2014, says, “At first, I used to dread spending my summer studying for the SAT, but I quickly realized that Test Masters was worth the time and effort.”

Yesantharao learned that practice and review would give her the best opportunity for a truly exemplary score. “I don’t think I could’ve achieved a perfect score without Test Masters, because Exam Club was what really boosted my test-taking skills. Taking practice tests over many weekends allowed me to understand the kinds of questions I would encounter on the test, as well as how to manage my time well while testing.” Exam Club, as the name implies, is a service in which Test Masters students are allowed to return to multiple testing facilities to take additional practice exams following the conclusion of their course. Every Test Masters SAT & PSAT classroom course student receives unlimited access to Exam Club for six months. Yesantharao, like many previous Test Masters Perfect Score students, was a regular participant in Exam Club.

Aside from the practice made available through a resource like Exam Club, Yesantharao says the best part about taking a course with Test Masters were the instructors. “The teachers were very friendly, and made the course lots of fun, encouraging all of us students to put forth our best efforts.”

Q: What did you like about Test Masters?

A: Test Masters provided me with a lot of materials that I could use to prepare for the test. One of the most valuable things I got out of Test Masters was the essay format. Before Test Masters, my essay was all over the place and had no structure to it, but Test Masters gave me an infrastructure off which to build so that I could add details on top of the structure.

Q: What advice do you have for future students preparing for the SAT?

A: So to prepare for the SAT, one of the most useful things is obviously to take Test Masters. A really valuable thing provided by Test Masters is Exam Club. You should really take advantage of the Exam Club sessions and sign up every weekend or as many times as you can go because getting that practice and learning the test and learning the test strategies is really important to gettnig a perfect score.

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