Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Perfect SAT Scorer Tiffany Wu

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January was a good month for Tiffany Wu, who went from test taker to test expert, joining an ever expanding group of students who, with the help of Test Masters, have achieved the near impossible, a Perfect Score on the SAT.

Tiffany, a well-spoken and articulate young woman, has built a very impressive resume for herself; in addition to being involved in the National Art Honor Society, Tiffany is vice-president of Mu Alpha Theta, a math honor society. Tiffany, in the true mold of an academic competitor, is also a member of the Clements High School’s UIL science and math teams.

Recognizing the truth in the Test Masters mantra, “The earlier you prepare, the better you score,” Tiffany took the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparatory course when she was a sophomore in high school. “I took Test Masters the summer before my junior year because I wanted to improve my writing score. Writing was my most difficult section, but after taking the Test Masters course it really improved. I did not know how to write an essay, and then after I took it, I had a very specific approach.”

With an eye towards Boston (MIT and Harvard being her top picks for college), Tiffany is an excellent example of the success a dedicated student can achieve with the Test Masters SAT preparatory course. Tiffany took full advantage of the resources Test Masters offers its students, becoming a regular participant in Test Masters’ Exam Club. “The three weeks before I actually took the SAT, I took 12 (practice) tests.”

Tiffany told us, “I tried self-study with different software, but only found those obnoxiously riddled with mistakes.” We know Tiffany, we know. That’s why Test Masters was so happy to have you as a student and takes such pride in your accomplishment; we are proud for you and happy to have awarded you a $1,000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship to commemorate your success.

Given that Tiffany just joined the top 1% of test takers in the country, College Compass knew we had to sit down and have a chat with her about her perfect score experience and the role Test Masters played in her SAT preparation:

Q: Do you feel that you could have achieved a perfect score had you not taken a Test Masters class? How helpful was Test Masters in helping you attaining a perfect score?

A: “I probably would not. The essay had been the most difficult part of the test for me, and after hearing about the tremendous boost the Testmasters lesson on essays gave to one’s writing score, I realized I had to take it if I wanted to achieve a perfect. The lesson was very specific in the strategies on how to write the essay, and I blew through the essay on the actual SAT, no sweat.”

Q: What did you like best about Test Masters?

A: “The teachers were really engaging, and the skills that were emphasized were really important in getting those tricky questions correct.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say about the quality of teachers and teaching at Test Masters?

A: “The teachers were friendly and seemed to be very in touch with their students. They explained things very clearly and concisely, and focused on the specific tools I needed to do well on the SAT.”

Q: What advice would you have for the students preparing for the SAT?

A:  “I would say: practice, practice, practice. I cannot overemphasize how essential being very familiar with the types of test questions is. If you know you’re really good at math, don’t bother doing math: focus on your weak areas. I did about 12 tests the 3 weeks before the test where I only focused on writing, because I knew that my math and critical reading were already good enough, but my writing score was not up to par.”

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Enough from us; Tiffany, you tell them whats up:

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