Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen, a Test Masters Full Length SAT Course alum and rising senior at St. John’s School, has recently come forward as a Perfect SAT Score student. Chen, who captured her perfect score on the November 2013 SAT, joins the top 1% of SAT test takers. Chen’s perfect score places her among the ranks of the most elite test takers in the world and secures her a spot among a rapidly expanding number of Test Masters SAT course alum to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.

On the experience she had with Test Masters, Chen says “Test Masters was extremely helpful in my attaining a perfect score. I used what I learned from the course as well as all the hours of practice tests I took with Test Masters to get my score.” Chen’s path to test taking excellence follows what has become an increasingly standardized and popular formula with Test Masters students.

Exam Club is a free service included with every Test Masters student’s full length course registration. After students complete their course, they are encouraged to return to Test Masters to take additional practice exams; in fact, every classroom course student receives unlimited access to Exam Club for six months following the end of their course. This allows high achieving students like Chen to perfect the test taking strategies they have learned in class while also preparing for the classroom conditions they can expect on test day.

This preparation methodology aligns closely to the advice Chen has for future students preparing to take the SAT. Chen says “Use Test Masters and takes tons of practice tests!!”

Q: How did you prepare for the SAT exam?

A: I took the Test Masters SAT course the December of my sophomore year to prepare for the PSAT and the SAT the next year. Besides the Test Masters course, I also did Exam Club, but those were the only things I did to prepare for the SAT.

Q: What did you like about Test Masters?

A: I liked pretty much everything about Test Masters. The teachers were really funny and pretty cool. I also liked how they bribed us with pizza and candy, especially during exams when were were stressed out. It would help calm us down a lot.

Q: What did you like about Test Master’s prep materials?

A: Test Masters provided us with a lot of material to practice with. I really liked the material for Reading Comprehension. They gave us a lot of different strategies we could use. Then for Essay Writing, they gave us a nice step-by-step guide for writing the essays, which I thought was incredibly useful.

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