Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews SAT Perfect Scorer Adelaide Kwon

Adelaide Kwon
Adelaide Kwon, with her $1000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship Check from Test Masters.

With dedication, hard work and perseverance anything is possible.  Just ask Adelaide Kwon. She is one of the latest members to join the elite few who have studied hard and diligently to achieve SAT perfection in the form of a 2400. This test taker extraordinaire, along with two other Test Masters students in the month of October 2013 is the recipient of the $1000 college scholarship awarded to those with perfect SAT scores.

Adelaide attributes her success to practicing often and starting early. Time is of the essence, and with excellent time management skills Adelaide is able to balance school and her extensive interests with ease. She is the Founder and President of the Music RX Club at her school, which seeks to bring musicians together to play at local nursing homes and hospitals. She is Historian of her school’s Science program and an involved member of the National Honor Society. She has over 200 hours of volunteer work under her belt, volunteering at her church, hospital and library. We salute her for all her efforts and the good she does in the community. If anyone deserves a perfect score, it is Adelaide.

She also appreciates the help she has gotten along the way. She credits Test Masters with providing her with the tools and the support to be a success.  Adelaide has excellent advice for those who want to achieve excellence as well. Practice often and start early. Time is of the essence, and memorization takes time.

We caught up with Adelaide to get her point of view on Test Masters courses and how other students can share in her success.

Q. What was the most beneficial part of the Test Masters program for you?

A. “The answer explanations in the back of the Test Masters Prep Course Material book were some of the most helpful study materials provided to me, and were very thorough. Not only did they explain why one answer was correct, but they also explained why the other answers were incorrect. Exam Club also provided aid. ”

Q.  What is your opinion of the instructors at Test Masters?

A. “The teachers at Test Masters were very unique in that they were always energetic, exciting, and funny. I enjoyed the teaching; unlike many other classroom settings, it was generally informal and fun to be in, and the teachers ensured that the classes were not boring.”

Q. For you, what about Test Masters was most helpful?

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A. “My favorite part of Test Masters was probably Exam Club. I enjoyed the classes and energetic teachers as well, but I believe that Exam Club was the most helpful because it allowed me to apply my learning to actual previous SAT exams.”

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