Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews SAT Perfect Scorer Lydia Liu

Lydia Liu2
Lydia Liu, test taker extraordinaire.

Lydia Liu recently joined an ever expanding group of Test Masters alumni to achieve test taking perfection, scoring a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Less than one half of one percent of students nationwide will take the SAT and score as well as Lydia did. We could not be prouder of her and her accomplishment, which is why Test Masters has awarded her a $1,000 Perfect SAT Score Scholarship; before she could grab the money and run, we sat down with Lydia to find out a little more about her, her preparation strategies, her advice to other students about to take the SAT, and the role Test Masters played in making her Perfect Score possible.

When asked how she felt about getting a Perfect Score, Lydia responded with poise, “With today’s variable college admission process, in which I have very little control over the admission committee’s perception of me, it feels good that I did as well as I could on one portion of my application.” When we asked her how she really felt, Lydia confessed, “My optometrist would be mortified by the number of times I rubbed my eyes [when I saw the 2400]. I even took a screenshot of my phone, just in case College Board had posted the wrong score and changed it later in the day.”

A junior at St. John’s high school, Lydia is a copy editor for her school’s newspaper, a varsity tennis player, a UT Health intern, and a competitive dancer, in addition to several other extracurricular activities. An accomplished student and athlete (despite her 5’3″ stature being, in her words, “a little on the short side”), she says a 2400 had always been her goal. When asked why she chose to take the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparatory course, Lydia responded, “I had many friends who went to Test Masters, so it just seemed like the logical choice.”

Lydia told us that she needed the most help in Critical Reading and Writing, and that the Test Masters Course Manual and Exam Club were “invaluable” in her preparatory process. Her advice to future students taking the SAT is to “take a Test Masters course.” Lydia went on to say that “[future students should take] as many practice tests as possible,” which of course, as Test Masters students, they can.

We sat down with Lydia to learn a little more about her journey from test taker to test expert.

Q: What did you think of the quality of the Test Masters teachers?

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A: “Test Masters’ teachers made sure that class was helpful without being boring and losing the fun spirit that Test Masters is known for.

Q: What advice do you have for students preparing for the SAT?

A: “Definitely take as many practice tests as possible. Your mind starts to notice patterns so that by the time you’re sitting in the testing room and reading the passages, you can already guess what the test is going to ask. Also, study the vocabulary list, and I can’t stress this enough, start studying that early.

Q: What did you like best about Test Masters?

A: I loved Test Masters’ teachers. Everyone was really helpful, and I definitely learned tricks that I actively used on the SAT. I still remember the teacher who taught me the meaning of the prefix ‘eu-‘ … I still think about that every time I see eulogy.

Alright! That’s enough from us; let’s let this young lady speak for herself:

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