Perfect SAT Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Tommy Tan

Tommy Tan, a two-time Test Masters student and frequent Exam Club participant, has conquered the SAT, achieving a Perfect Score of 2400 on the December 2014 administration of the test. Tan’s achievement places him in the top 1% of students in the world. Tan joins an ever-increasing group of Test Masters students to achieve perfection on the SAT and ACT. He credits his success in large part to his experiences as a Test Masters student.

Tan, who is a junior at Westbrook Senior High in Beaumont, TX, says, “I doubt I would have been able to get a perfect score without Test Masters. Before I took Test Masters I approached the SAT with a ‘brute force’ technique that simply involved studying really, really hard. After I took Test Masters I learned how to study smarter and was able to systematically break down the test in a way that made it possible to achieve a perfect score.”

Outside of achieving record setting scores on the SAT, Tan participates in a number of extracurricular activities. He is an active member of Westbrook’s Debate, Math, and Science teams, as well as a runner on the track team. Tan also volunteers for the National Honor Society and Key Club.

Tan plans to attend the University of Texas at Dallas; he hopes one day to go to medical school. “Professionally, my main goal will be to discover or create some procedure or process that can be used in practice by doctors all over the world.” He adds that his perfect SAT score will help him achieve his professional and academic goals.

Q: How did you prepare for the SAT?

A: Well  first I took the Test Masters SAT prep course for two years. The first year was my sophomore year to prepare for the PSAT, and I’m fairly confident that I made semifinalist, though I won’t know until next year for sure. Then I took the course junior year to prepare for the SAT, and that clearly worked out fairly well.

Q: What did you like about Test Masters?

A: My favorite thing about the Test Masters course was definitely the teachers. When I think about it, the teachers were odd and eccentric, and that’s what made the lessons so great. The teachers really did help stick in your mind what  you were doing.

Q: What advice do you have for future students preparing for the SAT?

A: Well my first advice to get a perfect score on the SAT is to do practice tests because practice makes perfect, after all. Test Masters has this great service called Exam Club where you can come in on the weekends and take tests, and the answers are all in the back with explanations.

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