Get a Perfect Score- Like Karen Yang

Karen Yang, a Test Masters student and frequent exam club attendee, has joined the top one percent of test takers nationwide by achieving a perfect score on the June 2015 administration of the SAT. Yang attributes much of her success to Test Masters, particularly the exam club, which provided her with “an endless amount of SAT questions to master.”

Like many students, Yang appreciated her Test Masters course that she completed in conjunction with Exam Club. While she felt that the instructors were “lighthearted and ‘chill,’” she found the course content “rigorous and informative.” Yang thought it was particularly helpful that both the course and the exam club rely on real SAT questions to help students prepare for the test, and would advise other students seeking a perfect score to only use real College Board material as well.

The group of Test Masters alumni who have made a perfect score on either the SAT or ACT is made up of students of many backgrounds and varied talents and interests completely unrelated to their test-taking expertise, and Yang is no exception. Yang is trilingual (English, Mandarin, and Spanish), and she enjoys dancing (both Chinese and ballet), modeling, competing in pageants, and drawing. While her hobbies may be on the artistic side, Yang hopes to put her creative energy into a career in business or entrepreneurship.

Yang, who plans to major in economics, hopes to be making the transition from Dulles High School to a prestigious Ivy League university next fall, leaving the heat and humidity of her lifelong home in Houston, TX for a cooler Northeastern climate. While getting admitted to an Ivy League school isn’t easy for anyone, Yang’s perfect score, which she feels confident she would not have achieved without the help of Test Masters, will hopefully help her application find its way to the top of the stack.

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