Get a Perfect Score – Like Michelle Xie

Michelle Xie has joined the ranks of elite Test Masters students who have captured a perfect score on the SAT. Xie, a senior at Clements High School, took the full length Test Masters SAT classroom course the summer before her sophomore year of high school. Xie spent the intervening years between the end of her course and her Perfect SAT Score, achieved on the June 2015 SAT, keeping her test taking skills sharp through Test Masters’ Exam Club. In fact, Xie attributes part of her success to the wide range of resources available through Test Masters, which made it “easier to focus on studying instead of finding things to study.”

Like many Test Masters perfect score students, Xie is proof that you don’t have to devote your life to test prep to achieve a perfect score on the SAT. Although Xie spent a fair amount of time during her high school career preparing for the SAT, she also found time to dabble in filmmaking, practice violin, and learn “enough Spanish to watch telenovelas without subtitles.” Xie also joined a string ensemble, called the “Happy Christmas Kids,” that dedicates themselves to performing at nursing homes, museums, hospitals, and town centers during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season.

Xie hopes her perfect score will help her get into the Writing for Screen and Television Program at the University of Southern California, which is part of her larger goal to secure a job as a staff writer “on a decent TV show.” Though her goals are ambitious, Xie is familiar with the kind of tenacity it requires to make her dreams a reality, and her advice for students looking to match her perfect score is to “be realistic with what you need to do to score well, and do it.”

Xie feels that Test Masters improved the efficiency and effectiveness of her practice in an invaluable way. She was pleased with not only her access to previous exams via Exam Club, which helped her improve her scores by repeatedly exposing her to the test, but also the engaging manner in which her classes were taught.


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