Perfect Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Perfect Scorer Naeem Quddus

Naeem Quddus made headlines recently, joining a growing group of Test Masters alumni to score a 2400 on the SAT. Less than 1% of test takers in the United States score as well as Naeem did, and Test Masters could not be more proud of its recent SAT preparatory course graduate.

Naeem, smiling, as he receives his $1,000 SAT Perfect Score Scholarship check.

Naeem, a student at Cypress Ranch High School, has not decided where he wants to go to school, but that is probably because a Perfect SAT Score gives him so many options, “I’m not exactly sure where I would like to go to college, but I have several high hopes, including MIT, California Institute of Technology and Rice University.”

Naeem attributes his success to Test Masters’ Exam Club, a service offered every weekend to Test Masters students, “I had taken a lot of practice tests before, so I knew what getting a Perfect Score felt like.” When asked why he chose Test Masters over other preparatory companies, Naeem said, “I have heard nothing but the best about Test Masters. In fact, my sister, who also attended a course, highly recommended I do the same.”

This Test Masters test taking expert intends to study Computer Engineering or Computer Science at the undergraduate level; Test Masters was very happy to celebrate and reward Nareem’s accomplishment with a $1,000 SAT Perfect Score Scholarship.

College Compass sat down to have a chat with Naeem regarding his SAT preparation strategies and the role Test Masters played in helping him achieve a 2400 on the SAT.

Q: How did Test Masters help you prepare for the SAT?

A: “In my preparation for the SAT the two sections that bothered me the most were the Critical Reading and Writing sections I was pretty nervous about those two sections in comparison to Math. I ended up taking a lot of essays; Test Masters gives you almost every single essay prompt that’s ever been written on the SAT.”

Q: What did you like best about Test Masters?

A: “My favorite thing about Test Masters was most likely the administered SATs given on Saturdays. They helped greatly to implement testing strategies that we were taught and to get an idea of how the actual SAT would feel.”

Q: What advice would you have for the students preparing for the SAT?

A: “First and foremost, make sure that you are used to taking the SAT under testing conditions. I notice that time and time again, fellow students do exceedingly well on practice tests that they take in comfort and then fail to live up to their expectations when taking the actual test. Secondly, learn to manage your time. The faster you can take each section, the more time you have to recheck your answers for random errors. Time management plays an especially key role in the essay section, where students are forced to compose an excellent bit of prose in a small amount of time.”

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Learn more about what Naeem thought, check out the video below!

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