Perfect Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Perfect Scorer Leon Lin

Leon Lin
Leon sits down with College Compass to talk about his recent SAT success.

Leon Lin has done it! With the help of Test Masters, Leon went from test-taking apprentice to test-taking expert on the most recent SAT, scoring a perfect 2400. Leon has achieved test-taking greatness and joins an elite but increasing number of Test Masters students to achieve test-taking perfection.

An extremely intelligent and modest young man, Leon surprised himself with his Perfect Score, “I felt that I did alright, that I hadn’t done worse that I thought I would do.” After telling his parents about his Perfect SAT Score, Leon went on to say that he wasn’t happy about his SAT score going viral, “Somehow, two days later, it appeared on the school website.” I wonder who would have been so proud of Leon that they would have told his school (the Harmony School of Advancement) about their son’s excellent SAT scores…. ?

Leon attributes his success directly to Test Masters’ SAT preparatory course, “No, I don’t think would have been able to get a perfect score without Test Masters. I scored a 1990 on the very first practice exam we took for the course. Test masters showed me how important time was on the Essay Writing section, made me realize that I was over-thinking the Critical Reading section, and gave me many opportunities to practice.” Thank you very much, Leon, for your high praise; we appreciate you too, which is why we were so happy to award you a $1,000 SAT Perfect Score Scholarship check.

Quiet at first, Leon was not shy about discussing his favorite interests and hobbies, “I play the piano and I am involved in several math clubs both at school and in my local community. I participate in math and programming contests and have been invited to a couple of national summer training camps as a result. I have also been working on a mathematically-oriented economics research project with a mentor about sharing rivers between countries. Math is an astonishingly pretty subject indeed. I also like music, typography, calligraphy, and languages.”

We were so impressed with Leon’s achievements that we decided to sit down and have a conversation with him about how he prepared for the SAT, his recommendations to other students, and the role Test Masters played in helping him achieve a Perfect Score.

Q: What did you like best about Test Masters?

A: “The best part about Test Masters was the Exam Club, which allowed me to get lots of practice for the SAT.”

Q: What did you think of the teachers and teaching at Test Masters?

A:  “The Test Masters teachers far exceeded my expectations. They understand where students are coming from and their personalities made the hours pass much faster than one would expect.”

Q: What advice do you have for students preparing for the SAT?

A: “Do enough practice tests on that on the day of the exam you know exactly what’s coming. No part of the SAT should surprise you.”

Q: When do you think students should start preparing for the SAT?

A:  “I think students should start preparing for the SAT as early as possible.”

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Check out the video below to hear it from the man himself!



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