Get a Perfect Score- Like Sasha Raman

Sasha Raman, a rising senior at DeBakey High School for Health Professions, has conquered the SAT, capturing a perfect score of 2400 on the April 2015 administration of the test. Raman, who hopes to pursue a Biomedical engineering or Biochemistry undergraduate degree path, joins an elite group of high achieving high school students. Raman’s score places her in the top 1% of students in the world, and she credits much of her success on the SAT to her experience as a Test Masters student.

Raman says, “I only used Test Masters to prepare for the SAT and it would have been impossible to get this perfect score without their help. The instruction and practice are completely responsible for this score.” Raman’s SAT preparation strategy consisted of rigorous practice and review. “Regularly taking tests in Exam Club allowed me to sharpen my skills and realize what my strengths and weaknesses were. I was able to discern what my target score was, and hone in on the areas with which I needed help. [Exam Club] also allowed me to practice managing my time in a realistic testing room setting free from distractions.”

On the quality of instruction she received at Test Masters, Raman says, “The teachers were funny and interactive. They know how to keep students engaged while communicating information effectively. I felt the study materials were well suited to the test, easy to understand, focused, and simplified in order to maximize remembering the material. Test Masters explains what you need to do and how to do it.”

Although Raman credits Test Masters for her success on the SAT, it is clear that she is an extraordinary student and member of her community. Her school-related extracurricular activities include student council, debate, National Honors Society, JSA (Junior Statesmen of America), and HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). Outside of school, she volunteers at hospitals, assisting with the care of mentally impaired children, participating in cancer research at MD Anderson, and promoting teenage health via PlannedParenthood’s teenREACH youth leadership program. She is also an active participant in her community religious group and the Girl Scouts.

For future students preparing for the SAT, Raman recommends that students begin preparing early. “Take the SAT course at the end of freshman year or beginning of sophomore year and use the rest of the time to practice in Exam Club. Practice, practice, practice, because that builds endurance and an instinctive understanding of how test makers think and create questions.”

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