Raina Zhang Brings Home a Perfect SAT Score

Raina Zhang, a junior at St. John’s School, is the first Test Masters student this year to receive a Perfect Score of 2400, achieving this remarkable feat on the January 25th SAT exam. Raina says, “Test Masters all the way, baby.”

When asked about the role Test Masters played in her test preparation, Raina said that “Test Masters was critical to my getting a perfect score. The teachers went over every detail [of the SAT] with us and they gave us helpful tips.” Rania was also a frequent participant in Exam Club. She credits this service as instrumental to her success- “Test Masters had a very large selection of tests for me to practice.”

Raina’s future is definitely brighter in consideration of her perfect score, but for now her college destination remains a mystery. “I have no idea where I want to go to college. I’ll see where I get in and go from there. It seems a little too early for me to narrow my options like that.” This is natural for someone who is involved in such an eclectic set of extracurricular activities. Raina likes to draw, paint, and write “when [she] gets hit with inspiration”. She also volunteers at MD Anderson and often plays tennis with her family.

Raina is also the leader of her school’s Art Club and an editor for Imagination, St. John’s literary magazine. Raina’s other interests include science and reading, making her quite versatile academically.

Raina is looking forward to the adventure college promises to be, but she also hopes to one day travel. “Besides everywhere, I want to travel to France because I studied French for 3 years in high school. It would be cool to use what I’ve learned in real life. I also would enjoy traveling to China, to see the family and the transformation between the last time I went and now.”

For her efforts, Test Masters will award Raina a $1,000 Perfect Score Scholarship. Raina completed the full length Test Masters SAT & PSAT Full Length Classroom Course in early 2013.

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