Referral Champ Profile: College Compass Interviews Cathy Cheng

Cathy Cheng
Cathy Cheng, with three separate referral checks from Test Masters!

There is no doubt about it; Cathy Cheng is a Test Masters Referral Champion. Cathy has earned over $15,000 through her participation in the Test Masters Referral Program, with a whopping $11,000 earned just in referral bonuses! How did accomplish such an amazing feat? Cathy was able to sit back and make some easy money just by telling everyone about her positive Test Masters experience.

It was that simple. She passed out her referral code to family and friends and even a few co-workers! Fast forward several years and her referrals have made her Test Masters’ newest Referral Champion.

While word of mouth seems to have worked for Cathy, former Referral Champions have developed strategies that include email and social media to reach out to friends, family and classmates.

The referral program is simple in concept and execution. Test Masters wants to reward students who tell others about their awesome experience with Test Masters. Former students who refer new students to Test Masters receive a referral bonus of $25 per person they refer. Not only does the referring student receive a $25 bonus check per referral, but the new student registering for a Test Masters course receives a $25 discount to the cost of their course. For every twenty students referred to Test Masters the referring student becomes eligible for an additional $1,000 bonus check.

Cathy is now a junior at Rice University with plans to apply to medical school after graduation. Like many Referral Champions, she intends to use her referral bonuses to pay her college tuition. Her passion includes volunteering for organizations and activities whose primary focus is “children and education issues in the Houston community.” We have no doubt that Cathy Cheng is headed toward a bright future.

We sat down with Cathy to ask her about her overall experiences with Test Masters and the Referral Program.

Q. What was the best thing about Test Masters?

A. “The best thing about Test Masters was the access to SAT prep resources, as well as seeing an increase in my SAT scores. I also think taking Test Masters with friends made the experience more enjoyable. It was nice having a fun and supportive environment.”

Q.  What do you think about the Test Masters referral program?

A. “I think the Test Masters referral program provides a great incentive for previous students to spread the word about Test Masters Along with the help of my family I was able to distribute the coupons and receive many referral bonuses. The money really helps towards paying the cost of tuition.”

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