Referral Champ Profile: College Compass Interviews Connie Wong

Connie Wong
Connie with her $3,000 Referral Champion bonus!

Connie Wong knows what it means to be a champion. Connie has taken advantage of the Test Masters Referral Program and succeeded far beyond her expectations. Connie implemented several new referral strategies on her dazzling journey to become Test Masters’ newest Referral Champion, but primarily distributed her referral coupons and code among her friends. In just under 3 years Connie has earned $3,000 in bonuses. The money Connie has won will go to helping her cover college costs.

The Test Masters Referral Program was created to reward students who felt their experience with Test Masters should be shared with friends and fellow students alike. Test Masters Director Roger Israni said, “We’ve always felt that the best representatives for our course are those students who have completed it. Our students can speak intelligently about what the course entails, and the great impact it has on their test scores, because they have actually experienced it.”

The referral program is simple in concept and execution. Test Masters wants to reward students who tell others about their awesome experience with Test Masters. Former students who refer new students to Test Masters receive a referral bonus of $25 per person they refer. Not only does the referring student receive a $25 bonus check per referral, but the new student registering for a Test Masters course receives a $25 discount to the cost of their course. For every twenty students referred to Test Masters the referring student becomes eligible for an additional $1,000 bonus check.

Her future plans consist of completing her Business degree and she would one day love to travel to Europe; although, for now, her Referral Champion bonuses will be used toward the cost of her college tuition.

We sat down with Connie to ask her about her overall experiences with Test Masters and the Referral Program.

Q. What was the best thing about Test Masters?

A. “Classes were interesting; along with learning new tips and tricks to study and improve test scores.”

Q.  What do you think about the Test Masters referral program?

A. “I like it because the extra money can really help with the cost of books, tuition and other college costs.”

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