Referral Champ Profile: College Compass Interviews Feyi Osifuwa

Feyi Osifuwa
Feyi, with her bonus check.

Test Masters created the Referral Program to reward students for recommending Test Masters to both family and friends. When a student refers an individual they both win. The new student receives a discounted course while the referring student gets a $25 bonus check. Once a student refers twenty people they are eligible to receive a $1,000 bonus check in addition to their normal referral incentive.

Now a student at the University of Texas San Antonio Feyi has worked to perfect her referral strategy. When asked about her strategy Feyi preferred to keep her secret under wraps. She responded, “I would share it, but that will give people ideas, and will mean less referrals for me.” She did however stress the importance of all the support she received from Test Masters. “Test Masters works with you, which is something to take advantage of.”

Feyi plans to purchase a tablet with her bonus money. And we think she deserves it! As a junior at UTSA, where she studies civil engineering, her main focus is completing her studies so she can graduate. We at Test Masters applaud her tenacity and wish her the best future possible. She has definitely earned it. Feyi isn’t satisfied with just earning her $1,000 bonus check. She plans on referring many more. She says, “Seeing as I am now making profit from doing Test Masters, I think it is absolutely splendid.”

Look for Feyi in future press releases and college compass posts; we definitely think she will be keeping her word and earning far more in the future.

We sat down with Feyi to ask her about her overall experiences with Test Masters and the Referral Program.

Q. What was the best thing about Test Masters?

A. “The best thing about Test Masters was the 300 points increase guarantee. They work with you if you don’t get it which is something to take advantage of.”

Q.  Did your family help you spread the word about your Test Masters coupon code?

A. “It was more of a one man effort, but I definitely recommend the Test Masters Referral Program. The referral checks came at just the right moment and were definitely a benefit.”

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